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Rectangular connector

Available as high density, grounded and standard tightness connectors. Grounded RS are primarily used in aviation and secure the grounding/connection to the aircraft frame. This product group impresses by the variety of connection possibilities and the packing density of the contacts.
High Density Rectangular
  • Hohe Zuverlässigkeit, hohe Dichtigkeit
  • Hohe Vielfalt an Kontaktgrößen und Kontaktvarianten
  • Größe 22 Kontakte kombiniert mit 8 Leistungskontakten mit einer Strombelastbarkeit von bis zu 80 AMP jeweils
  • Leistungs-, Signal-, Coax-, Hochspannungs- , Luft- und Thermocouple Kontakt Optionen
  • Board zu Board, Kabel zu Kabel oder Board, Panel zu Kabel oder Board
  • Hohe Bandbreit an Steckern und Zubehör (blind Stecken und sequenzielles Stecken)
Standard Density Rectangular
  • High reliability
  • 6 package variants
  • 22 contact variants
  • current carrying capacity up to 100 amperes per contact
  • power, signal, coaxial, high voltage , Air and thermocouple contact Options
  • Board to board, cable to cable or board, panel to cable or board
  • High bandwidth of connectors and accessories (blind and sequential)
earth connection block
Our grounding blocks are specifically designed for aerospace applications where shielded cables must be grounded to the aircraft frame. The ground wires of the shielded cable are piggybacked on the cable with wire end ferrules. The female contacts are arranged in standard 14 or 34 plug housings. These terminals may then be attached to the grounding plate attached to the aircraft frame. Features:
  • Single point grounding system for aircraft applications
GF and GFPL connections are narrow with countersunk side holes. This provides an exceptionally low profile mounting option. The connectors can be stacked and secured with a centre screw. Features
  • Low Profile Design
  • Contacts machined from solid material size 20 for high reliability
  • Available as straight, angled solder and solder cup contacts
  • Stackable design for high flexibility
  • Numerous options of polarization
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.