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NEWS: positronic

Great Golden - freely configurable 800A high performance connector from Positronic
Positronic's Great Golden is a unique connector for two reasons. First, of all the powerful and reliable connectors in our portfolio, the Great Golden has the ability to combine the most power in a single package.
Connectors with PosiBand are the future
Closed receptacles are very often used to improve the reliability and performance of connectors. In many cases, a grommet is simply pulled over a standard "split tine" contact to achieve the closed contact effect. But properly closed contacts have a continuous fixed ring at the front of the contact. This design offers a high degree of reliability and performance as opposed to split tines, which have inherent weaknesses...
Why connectors with milled contacts are real efficiency marvels
With industrial progress and the further development of microprocessors and other electrical components, the demand for ever smaller but at the same time more powerful connectors is also growing....
EM360TM Mechanically machined - for 360 degree shielding
The industrial need for improved shielding is constantly increasing. To keep pace with this trend, Positronic presents the EM360 connector housing for D-SUB connector applications that require 360° shielding.
SCORPION - the power connector
The best connector to meet your requirements is the one you configure yourself! The SCORPION connector from Positronic can be designed as a power connector, a signal connector or a hybrid.
Optik-D™ - The new Generation of Low Loss Optical Interconnects
The product portfolio of Neumüller Elektronik has been enhanced by the new developed Optik-D™ Series of Positronic. This Series is establishing a new standard of low loss optical interconnects for harsh environments.The Optik-D™ modules are offering advantages as high bandwidth, EMI immunity, improved data security and minimal losses over long distances.