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DC/DC Converters

Converter with latest patented topologies:
  • Power from 1 to 2400 watts
  • Ultra-wide input ranges from 0.7 to 4000 volts
  • Not isolated, isolated up to 10kV.
  • Maximum power density and high efficiency
  • Long lifetime and high quality
  • Features for the most demanding applications: Trimming, Sense, Current / Load Sharing, Parallel operation, and many more.
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Our DC / DC converter portfolio includes DC / DC converters for PCB mounting (POL, 1 "x 1", 2 "x 2", Bricks, SIP, SMD, DIP, ...) as well as Chassis converters and plug-in converters.
SIP / SMD / DIP converter is available up to 10W, 1 "x 1" or 2 "x 1" converter from 1W to 60W, Brick converter (1/32 brick, 1/16 brick, 1/8 brick, ¼ brick, ½ brick) to 2000W, plug-in converter.
The DC / DC power supplies cover a power range from 1W to 2400W with input voltages from 0.7Vdc to 1000Vdc, up to 4: 1 input ranges and impressive efficiencies of up to 97%.
There are many variations of DC / DC converters at Neumüller: regulated or open-loop, isolated up to 10kVDC or non-isolated point of loads (POL), with railway, medical or IT approvals or designed for particularly high ambient temperatures up to + 100 ° C ,
High voltage peaks and surges do not present any problem for the power supplies. The mechanical load capacity of the power supplies is protected against shock and vibration.
Our DC / DC converters are electrically and mechanically robust and thus ensure a continuously stable DC voltage supply in a wide range of load conditions. The majority of our high-efficiency power supplies have a wide-range voltage input and are thus protected against interference. The high power density and the high efficiency of our power supplies ensure even greater efficiency. By a sophisticated circuit technology, high-quality components, a high degree of efficiency and a particularly small design can be achieved. At high efficiency, only a very low heat load of the components and the lifetime and the reliability of the overall system improves. The space savings as well as the improvement in efficiency lead to lower overall costs.
In addition to the standard range of power supplies, we also offer customer-specific power supplies in relatively small quantities for very individual requirements!
The selection in form and function is extremely large - that's why we're happy to help.
The DC / DC converters are mainly used in the following application areas: IT, industry, electronic devices, telecommunications, medical technology, vehicle technology, lighting, power engineering
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.