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Full Spectrum LED

With SunLike LED from Seoul Semiconductor and Thrive from Bridgelux you have two innovative full-spectrum LED series at your disposal, whose light almost corresponds to sunlight and is perfectly matched to the biorhythm of human beings. This natural light spectrum - without blue peaks and with low UV emissions and extremely high CRI - is achieved through the combination of patented LED chip technologies and innovative technologies. The application possibilities of the full spectrum LEDs range - not least due to their excellent colour fidelity and high contrast - from HCL applications to plant lighting and medical and cosmetic applications.

✓ 2700K - 6500K    ✓ CRI 95+    ✓ CQS 95+    ✓ COB    ✓ SMD
Seoul Semiconductor Bridgelux
  • LED-series
  • Color
  • CCT [K]
  • luminous flux [lm]
  • CRI
  • If [mA]
  • Vf typ. [V]
  • viewing angle [°]
  • If max [mA]
  • Manufacturer
Product Manufacturer LED-series Color CCT [K] luminous flux [lm] CRI If [mA] Vf typ. [V] viewing angle [°] If max [mA]
Note Merkzettel
Artikel Manufacturer LED-series Color CCT [K] luminous flux [lm] CRI If [mA] Vf typ. [V] viewing angle [°] If max [mA]
BXEN-27S-11L-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 2700 warm white 20 95 60 2.9 120 -
BXEN-27S-11M-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 2700 warm white 48 95 150 3.1 120 -
BXEN-27S-13H-9C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 2700 warm white 91 95 100 9.1 120 -
BXEN-30S-11L-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 3000 warm white 21 95 60 2.9 120 -
BXEN-30S-11M-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 3000 warm white 49 95 150 3.1 120 -
BXEN-30S-13H-9C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 3000 warm white 94 95 100 9.1 120 -
BXEN-40S-11L-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 4000 natural white 22 95 60 2.9 120 -
BXEN-40S-11M-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 4000 natural white 51 95 150 3.1 120 -
BXEN-40S-13H-9C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 4000 natural white 102 95 100 9.1 120 -
BXEN-50S-11L-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 5000 cool white 22 95 60 2.9 120 -
BXEN-50S-11M-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 5000 cool white 51 95 150 3.1 120 -
BXEN-50S-13H-9C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 5000 cool white 105 95 100 9.1 120 -
BXEN-57S-11L-3C-00-0-0 Bridgelux 3528 5700 cool white 22 95 60 2.9 120 -
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The advantages of full spectrum LEDs

Sunlike LED: Biological effect

Biological effect

Our day-night rhythm (circadian rhythm) is controlled by the hormone melatonin. Previous LEDs have an unnaturally high blue component and signal to the body in the evening and at night that it is still day. This can lead to melatonin production suppression and consequently to a negative influence on the natural day and night rhythm. This in turn can impair important physiological processes such as metabolism, hormonal balance, immune defence and the breakdown of toxins.

The Sunlike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductors and the Thrive LEDs from Bridgelux do not have a dominant blue peak due to their structure and therefore provide light that does not negatively influence the human organism.
Sunlike LED: Excellent color fidelity

Excellent color fidelity

All LEDs of the Sunlike and Thrive series feature very high values for color rendering index (CRI) and color quality scale (CQS). Since all LEDs contain the entire color spectrum - comparable to sunlight - it is possible, for example, to correctly evaluate gold with all its reflections, or even a pale skin tone.

Sunlike LED TRI-R Spektrum
Sunlike LED: Strong contrast

Strong contrast

How well a person sees depends on many factors. One of them is the proportion of blue light in the light. Blue (short-wave) light is reflected more diffusely than yellow or red light. This is also the reason why the sky is blue. Blue light is also scattered more strongly in the eyeball, which the human eye perceives as glare. With full-spectrum LEDs, the unnaturally high blue component in the light of LEDs is eliminated. Full-spectrum LEDs lead to higher contrast and generally better visual performance.
Sunlike LED Kontrast Vergleich

Application examples for full spectrum LEDs

Sunlike LED für Industry Industry
Sunlike LED für Health service Health service
Sunlike LED für Retail trade Retail trade
Sunlike LED für Educational institutions Educational institutions
Sunlike LED für Office Office
Sunlike LED für Privat Privat
Sunlike LED für Tunnel lighting Tunnel lighting
Sunlike LED für Museums Museums
Sunlike LED für Gastronomy Gastronomy
Sunlike LED für Theatre Theatre
Sunlike LED für Quality assurance Quality assurance
Sunlike LED für Libraries Libraries


The SunLike TRI-R technology

The generation of white light of 'conventional' LEDs is based on a semiconductor chip which emits blue light, which is partially converted to yellow and red light by a special phosphor mixture by photoluminescence. The mixture of blue light from the LED chip and the red and yellow through the phosphor conversion results in white light, which contains a more or less high proportion of blue from the LED chip.

The TRI-R technology, which is used for light conversion of the SunLike LEDs, is based on a semiconductor chip that emits violet light, that of an innovative phosphor blend by photoluminescence completely in the 3 colors red, green and blue is converted. In the spectrum of these LEDs thus no unconverted light of the semiconductor chip is present. Unlike standard LEDs, SunLike LEDs have no unwanted blue peak and the spectrum of this LED light has no gaps.
Sunlike LEDs receive an award in the category 1st innovative Product of the Year Nominated for the Edison Awards Top 10 Must See Products Best application Awards for Sunlike LEDs at the LPS in Bregenz LED Lighting Award in the category most creative LED technology BuildingGreen Approved LUX Award in the category Enabling Technology for Sunlike LEDs German Innovation Award in the category Excellence in Business to Business Lighting Solutions
Design-In Support
Do you have questions about our Full Spectrum LED products or are you looking for alternatives? As an authorized distributor, we maintain a very close exchange with our manufacturers and will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable components and possible adaptations with our many years of experience. Talk to us!