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Receivers & Sensors

Huge range of receivers and sensors from renowned manufacturers. Our range of photodiodes, phototransistors, photo-Darlington transistors, IC photodetectors, fiber optics, line sensors, photodiode arrays and UV sensors is second to none. The optoelectronic receivers and sensors are available in various housings. The most common are 3mm, 5mm, 0805 and 1206 packages as well as hermetically sealed versions in TO-18, TO-48 and Pill Pak.
PN Junction Silicone Photodiode und PIN Silicon Photodiode Linear response vs. irradiance. Different housings (Pill, T-1, TO-5, TO18, Side Looker). Glass lenses and hermetically sealed available. Enhanced temperature range -65°C to +125°C. Fast switching speed.
Phototransistors are the most commonly used type of photo sensor. For most traditional applications, NPN silicone phototransistors offer the best combination in terms of output current, sensitivity, speed, reliability and quality. Find Optek Technology's high quality and highly reliable phototransistors for many applications and industries, including military, aerospace and defense.
Photodarlington Transistors
Photo Darlington transistors provide the highest sensitivity and gain. If the switching times are not critical, then the choice quickly falls on a Photo-Darlington transistor. This provides improved measurement reliability and reduces the need for additional signal amplification. With more than 30 years of experience in partnership with TT Electronics, we can help you choose the right transistor or rectifier for your project.
IC Photodetectors (logic output)
Monolithic integrated circuit, together with a photodiode and a Schmitt trigger on a single silicon chip. The IC photodetectors (logic output) have a TTL-compatible logic level output for driving up to 10 TTL gates at a supply voltage of 4.5V to 16V. The Schmitt trigger characteristic provides high immunity to interference.
Fiber Optics
We'll make it happen. Our fiber optics with a wavelength of 850nm offer the possibility of fiber optic applications with plastic fibers (PMMA), multimode and single mode fibers. LEDs or VCSELs are available on the transmitter side. PIN photodiodes with or without preamplifier are available as receivers. The fiber optics are available as single components as well as in ST- or SMA-Receptacle.
Line Imagers
  • High performance Line Imagers based on CCD technology
  • External shutter signal
Photodiode Arrays
The highly sensitive photodiode arrays from Espros and Optek Technology can be used for optical sensors, light barriers and light curtains. With an extremely small footprint (chip thickness: 50µm), Espros photodiode arrays are also perfect for miniaturizing any sensor system. They are also scalable and their size can be adapted exactly to any application. Within a grid of 1mm x 1mm, the grating can be operated as a large photodiode or each photodiode can be operated independently.

UV sensors to measure the complete UV spectrum and the UV index. Whether you want to measure the range UVA 320-405nm, UVB 320-280nm or UVC 280-200nm, we have the right sensor. The UV sensors are available in SMD and THT designs. We also offer a UV Index Sensor for measuring the complete UV Index 0-15. This sensor is suitable for applications such as Smart Watches, fitness bracelets or sailing equipment. If you cannot find the right product for you right away, please contact us. In addition to the standard portfolio, we implement many customer-specific solutions.

Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.