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Auswahl an Power-Management-IC und Konstantstrom-LED-Treiber-IC. Als Beitrag für die ultimative LED-Performance für LED-Displays, LED-Backlighting und genereller LED-Beleuchtung. Von einkanalig bis hin zu 16 Kanälen pro Treiber mit PWM, Fehlererkennung und thermischer Schutzvorrichtung.
With constant current technology, the All-Ways-On™ series features instant on/off control of LED drivers. By adjusting the output current through a resistor and setting the LED brightness through the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), the All-Ways-On™ series provides simple and reliable control of LED operation. Built-in thermal protection function is also added to the All-Ways-On™ series LED drivers to prevent ICs from overheating.
Kommerzielle LED Display Treiber
The PrecisionDrive™ LED Drivers are dedicated for LED displays. All the series exploits state-of-the-art PrecisionDrive™ technology to enhance the output characteristics and accuracy. The PrecisionDrive™ series features ± 1.5% current accuracy among output ports within a single driver IC, and ± 1.5% deviation among lots of driver ICs. The current varied with the LED forward voltage change is confined to 0.1% per volt. The current varied with supply voltage change and ambient temperature change is also restricted to 1%.
S-PWM LED-Treiber
The Scrambled-PWM(S-PWM) technology enhances Pulse Width Modulation by scrambling the image into several sub-images with the same color quality. The enhancement equivalently increases the image refresh rate. When building a 16-bit gray scale LED display, S-PWM avoids the flickers and improves the fidelity.
Multi-Funktions LED-Treiber
Share-I-O™ technology features pin compatibility. By means of the Share-I-O™ technique, additional functions can be added to LED drivers without adding any extra pins in package and without changing the printed circuit board originally designed for conventional LED drivers.
RGB LED-Treiber
  • Data Transmission Mode: Forward Direction Transmission.
  • Error Report Mode: Reverse Direction Transmission.
    • Traditionally, we need one more wire from the last IC to the controller and a signal buffer to implement error report.
    • With reverse I/O swap transmission, wire cost is greatly reduced.
DC/DC Konverter/Regler
AC/DC Regler
S-PWM LED-Treiber (SRAM)
This series integrate ghost efectin elimination circuit that could ease lower ghot effecting problems shown in LED display. Besides, it also embeds the innovative GCLK multiplier technique that help double visual refresh rate without increasing GCLK frequency.