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LED Lighting Driver ICs

Macroblock's LED lighting drivers are specially designed for LED lighting. As a constant current source, they enable energy-saving and safe operation of the LEDs. The driver ICs also increase the longevity of the lighting modules through integrated fault detection and temperature monitoring. The brightness can be controlled via PWM or linear control signal. No matter whether you want to realize a wall light, a colored LED strip or a status display of a washing machine, we have the right LED lighting driver for you.

The products of the Acrich Nano driver series from Seoul Semiconductor with an area of 13.5 mm² are the smallest LED drivers in the world. Due to their miniaturized design, they are ideal for the design of..: Downlights, spotlights, tracklights as well as wall lights and recessed lights. Only very few external components are needed to connect the nano driver to build a complete luminaire that meets the requirements of California Title 24.

RGB LED Driver ICs
  • Data Transmission Mode: Forward Direction Transmission.
  • Error Report Mode: Reverse Direction Transmission.
    • In traditional designs, the error report feature is achieved by connecting one additional wire from the last IC to the controller and a signal buffer. With I/O Bi-Directional Transmission, the same wire connecting the controller to the ICs is used to report information back to the control system. This not only improves communication between control systems and light fixtures but also saves wire costs.
DC/DC LED Driver ICs
High quality and very reliable DC/DC LED driver ICs from Macroblock. The DC/DC controllers and converters offer excellent reliability, fast dynamic response, good EMI performance and lower resistance. This makes the DC/DC LED driver ICs ideal for LED applications with high power consumption.
AC/DC LED Driver ICs
High quality and very reliable AC/DC LED driver ICs from Macroblock. The constant current and high power efficiency of the AC/DC controllers and converters meet the safety and reliability standards that are often required. This makes AC/DC LED Driver ICs ideal for high power LED applications.
Linear Regulator ICs
Macroblock's All-Ways-On ™ series of constant current linear regulators provides instant on/off control of LED drivers. By setting the output current via a resistor and setting the LED brightness via pulse width modulation (PWM), LED operation can be easily and reliably controlled. The All-Ways-On ™ series linear regulators are equipped with an integrated thermal protection function to prevent overheating of the ICs.

Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.