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LED Optics

Our secondary LED optics perfectly complement our LED (module) portfolio with highly efficient lenses and reflectors. The desired beam angle can be perfectly focused according to your requirements. The selection of LED optics ranges from 1-fold, 3-fold and 4-fold optics in various shapes and diameters to complete optics clusters with a wide range of beam angles and homogeneous light image.
LED Lenses (736)

High quality LED lenses for LEDs and modules from Ledil, Carclo, Fraen, Khatod, Seoul Semiconductor and Neumüller Elektronik. Our product range ...

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LED Reflectors (87)

High quality LED reflectors for LEDs and modules from Ledil, Carclo, Fraen, Khatod and Neumüller Elektronik. Our offer includes reflectors with ...

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LED Optic Accessories (89)

Various LED optical accessories for LEDs and modules from Ledil, Carclo, Fraen, Khatod, Seoul Semiconductor and Neumüller Elektronik. From ...

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The latest news to: LED Optics

LEDiL AMY - the perfect LED lens for slim and elegant luminaire designs
With the AMY family, LEDiL offers extremely flat LED lenses, which are particularly suitable for light rail and recessed luminaire designs...
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DAISY Dark Light Optics
Multiple applications - one optic: for low-glare lighting in retail, office and architectural applications...
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Small silicone lenses for UV-C applications
With the VIOLETTA from LEDil, there is now a single silicone lens that can be used for all available UV-C single LEDs from Seoul Viosys....
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LEDil Solder-Clips for quick and easy lens mounting
Ledil has recently launched a Solder-Clip, which is supplied on rolls for automatic loading. With this precise and cost-efficient assembly method...
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Perfect stadium lighting with the new LED optics from LEDiL
When it comes to modern illumination of outdoor sports facilities such as football and tennis courts in accordance with international standards a...
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Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.