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SPORT-2X2 - New low-glare optics for all types of sports lighting

SPORT-2X2 - New low-glare optics for all types of sports lighting

Developing a new sports lighting solution is no easy task. Not only must it meet the requirements of players, spectators, broadcasters and officials, but it must also ensure that the light does not penetrate into the surrounding area or cause a nuisance to local residents. This is exactly where LEDiL's latest innovation, the SPORT-2X2 LED lighting optics, comes in.

Whether for indoor or outdoor sports, the SPORT-2X2 offers:

Optimal lighting conditions in any weather
Low glare for players and spectators
Energy-efficient and neighbor-friendly installations

Thanks to symmetrical and asymmetrical beams, the SPORT-2X2 optics are perfect for any area of application. The S versions are so-called "Special Spots" with the greatest light output and strength, while FT stands for "Forward Throw" and offers more range. Optimized for high-power 3535 flat (high intensity) and compatible with up to 5050 flat LED packages, the SPORT 2X2 optics enable the creation of extremely energy-efficient lighting systems.

In addition to our regular high efficiency PMMA, all SPORT-2X2 optics are available in high temperature PMMA to enable more power and heat resistance.

💡 Special features:

  • Enables optimum lighting conditions for players and spectators
  • Meets the standards and requirements of various sports
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical light beams for low-glare sports lighting / floodlighting systems
  • Enables the creation of energy-efficient and neighbor-friendly lighting systems
  • Screw mounting from the center
  • Is usually used with a protective cover
  • Optical efficiency of up to 90%
  • Further glare reduction available with optional shields for FT6 and FT60
  • Available in PMMA or heat-resistant High Temperature PMMA

Would you like to find out more or use the SPORT-2X2 for your luminaires? Contact our team for more information.

SPORT-2X2 - New low-glare optics for all types of sports lighting

Published: 2/16/2024

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