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passion.experience.reliability. These are the focal points of our work. We react to your requirements with passion and solution-oriented action. Our many years of experience offer you objectivity and the competence to procure or develop the best technology in the aerospace and military sectors for your application. We demand reliability not only from our products, but also from ourselves. Aerospace and military are industries whose focal points coincide with ours. Test us as your partner and distributor for highly reliable components in the fields of sensors, power supplies, LEDs, electromechanics, alarm and acoustics and other areas. Our optimized procurement management offers you sustainable availability of the entire product portfolio. Let us break new ground together and realize your application with highest quality and reliability.

Components for military, aeronautical and space technology

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The latest news to: Aerospace and military technology

Rugged high-speed flash storage for aerospace, defense and industrial applications
SMART Modular Technologies, a global leader in storage solutions, solid-state drives and hybrid storage products, expands its RUGGED flash product line with the new T5EN PCIe/NVMe M.2 2280 and U.2 flash drives for aerospace, defense and industrial applications...
MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub connectors for military, aerospace and defense applications
The D-Sub is one of the most popular electronic connectors in the world, with many types of which Positronic produces a wide range. Among the most robust are the MIL-DTL-24308 D-Subminature connectors (RD, HDC, SND, DD, SDD, ...), which are designed for the very specific requirements of the US military and are also frequently used in the aerospace industry. Its design takes into account, for example, volatile environmental factors and protects the connection from extreme conditions and vibrations...
MIP design: Tiny form factor with high DRAM capacity for IIoT, embedded and mobile
The Module-in-Package (MIP), a Tiny Form Factor (TFF) memory module from SMART Modular Technologies, is designed for applications such as broadcast video, mobile routing, high-end video/graphics cards and embedded computing, as well as anywhere where maximizing DRAM capacity in a limited space is a primary concern, such as military, aerospace and automotive applications...
USB memory sticks for industry, automotive, military and medical technology
Flexxon's USB2.0 & USB3.1 Gen1 USB flash drives are designed to support applications in the harshest environments, such as constant vibration, extreme cold or extreme heat. In addition to commercial applications, the pen drives are designed to meet industrial, medical and military requirements...
Connectors with PosiBand are the future
Closed receptacles are very often used to improve the reliability and performance of connectors. In many cases, a grommet is simply pulled over a standard "split tine" contact to achieve the closed contact effect. But properly closed contacts have a continuous fixed ring at the front of the contact. This design offers a high degree of reliability and performance as opposed to split tines, which have inherent weaknesses...
Why connectors with milled contacts are real efficiency marvels
With industrial progress and the further development of microprocessors and other electrical components, the demand for ever smaller but at the same time more powerful connectors is also growing....

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