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Laird Thermal Systems

Laird Thermal Systems designs, develops and manufactures thermal management solutions for demanding applications across global medical, industrial, transportation and telecommunications markets. Laird Thermal Systems manufacture one of the most diverse product portfolios in the industry ranging from active thermoelectric coolers and assemblies to temperature controllers and liquid cooling systems. With unmatched thermal management expertise, the company use advanced thermal modeling and management techniques to solve complex heat and temperature control problems.
Design-In Support
As an authorized distributor of Laird Thermal Systems we are at your disposal as a contact person for all questions concerning Laird Thermal Systems products. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments. Contact us. We are here for you.

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Thermoelectric Coolers
Peltier Module
Liquid Cooling Systems
Recirculating Chillers, Liquid Heat Exchangers
Thermoelectric Coolers II
Assemblies and Temperatur Controllers

Laird Thermal Systems News

Micro OptoTEC MBX Series
Laird Thermal Systems has introduced the groundbreaking OptoTEC™ MBX Series, setting a new standard in thermal management where optoelectronic ap...
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LA5000 series - 5000 watt powerful water heat exchangers.
Improved thermal performance and maximum system availability! The new LA5000 series liquid-to-air heat exchangers offer reliable and compact perf...
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