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Large selection of photodetectors from well-known manufacturers. Our product range includes photodiodes, photodiode arrays, phototransistors, photo Darlington transistors, IC photodetectors, fiber optics, line sensors and UV sensors. Photodetectors are available in a wide variety of packages. The most common include 3mm, 5mm, 0805 and 1206 packages as well as hermetically sealed versions in TO-18, TO-48 and Pill Pak.
Photodiodes (15)

PN Junction Silicone Photodiode und PIN Silicon Photodiode Linear response vs. irradiance. Different housings (Pill, T-1, TO-5, TO18, Side ...

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Photodiode Arrays (16)

The highly sensitive photodiode arrays from Espros and Optek Technology can be used for optical sensors, light barriers and light curtains. With ...

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IC Photodetectors (logic output) (45)

Monolithic integrated circuit, together with a photodiode and a Schmitt trigger on a single silicon chip. The IC photodetectors (logic output) ...

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Phototransistors (62)

Phototransistors are the most commonly used type of photo sensor. For most traditional applications, NPN silicone phototransistors offer the best ...

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Photodarlington Transistors (6)

Photo Darlington transistors provide the highest sensitivity and gain. If the switching times are not critical, then the choice quickly falls on ...

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Fiber Optics (29)

We'll make it happen. Our fiber optics with a wavelength of 850nm offer the possibility of fiber optic applications with plastic fibers (PMMA), ...

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Line Imagers (2)

Espros' high performance CCD line sensors are designed to meet the need for very low optical crosstalk in encoder sensors. This is made possible ...

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