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Neumüller Elektronik Your design-in distributor for electronic components and systems



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For 70 years, we have been one of the leading design-in distributors for electronic components and systems. Hardly any other company in the industry draws on such depth of experience. Our core competence lies in optoelectronics. In addition, we always find the perfect solution for your specific requirements in the areas of LED lighting, sensor technology, electromechanics, power supply, Hi-Rel, signal technology, memory as well as circuit breakers.

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From the idea to the finished productElektronik made in Germany

At Neumüller we have extensive product knowledge, electronic expertise and extensive experience, based on the realization of many different projects in 70 years. Our worldwide customers appreciate the partnership and the associated trust in our holistic solution competence. The path from product idea to mass production is often complex. Therefore, the different processes must be secured, seamless and interlinked. Our proven process chain includes the eight steps of product development, including adjustments and continuous optimizations of the finished product. It ensures that every product and every special solution meets the high expectations of our customers. We support you in the following areas:


Reliable and strong partnerships

The success of Neumüller Elektronik can be found in the right strategy, the right decisions - and in reliable companions. For 70 years, Neumüller Elektronik has maintained strong partnerships with leading global component manufacturers in the fields of optoelectronics, lighting, sensors, power supply, electromechanics, hi-rel, signal technology, storage & memory as well as circuit breakers. As an authorized electronics distributor of industry leading manufacturers, Neumüller Elektronik offers you a coordinated range of high-quality electronic components and systems. Through our access to technology, development and knowledge, we can also offer you support in each of your development steps and thus a direct innovation advantage. Neumüller Elektronik gives you exactly what you need.


Market and innovation-oriented distribution

As a market- and innovation-oriented distributor of top-quality electronic components, Neumüller Elektronik not only provides the right components and systems, but also the appropriate design-in support for many markets and industries through expert experts. These include lighting, medical & life science, automation, aerospace, military, automotive, marine & rail, security & surveillance, communications & IT, consumer & home appliances, instrumentation and more.