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Delta Electronics

DELTA Electronics is the world's largest manufacturer of AC / DC and DC / DC converters in all major industry-standard sizes for medical, industrial, telecom, rail and automotive applications. Founded in 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan, DELTA began its track record as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in the power supply industry. It enjoys the highest reputation in the entire electronics industry and has established its know-how from the OEM power supply to a diverse service provider, even with medium quantities. Since then, DELTA has been continuously expanding its portfolio in order to offer not only innovative products but also standardized solutions in an attractive price-performance ratio. With more than 40 years of experience, energy-saving innovation and the highest quality are the most important features at DELTA Electronics. But see for yourself the variety and flexibility of the global leader in power supply.
Design-In Support
As an authorized distributor of Delta Electronics we are at your disposal as a contact person for all questions concerning Delta Electronics products. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments. Contact us. We are here for you.

Delta Electronics News

New 75W DIN-RAIL power supply with 27mm for more space on the rail!
With the latest, super slim 75 Watt DIN rail power supply from the Delta LYTE product family, Neumüller Elektronik presents a solution for the increasingly critical space problems in existing and new control cabinet applications. With only 27mm width, true minimalists are available with three different output voltages: 12V/24V/48V...
New 300W and 600W peak power supply complements the PJB-24V series
The robust PJB-24V Built-in power supply series from Delta Electronics is available in 100/150/240W and has now been expanded by 300W models in open-board, L-frame and boxed enclosure versions, each with an optional remote ON/OFF control input. The AC/DC power supplies deliver 600W peak power up to 10 seconds...
When size matters! Small and robust power supply for medical technology and IT
The small 165.3 x 85.2 x 41mm AC/DC power supply unit in an aluminium chassis housing from Delta Electronics provides all the necessary safety approvals for medical (class BF) and other applications such as IT and measuring instruments...
High performance LED drivers for highest requirements
Delta Electronics newest power range for the LNE series of 600W LED drivers is now available...
Reliable power supplies - even in harsh operating environments
Neumüller presents the new PJH series from Delta Electronis with 300W (fan) / 24W (convection) output power. Special attention was paid to the design of these power supplies for a very reliable operation, even under adverse environmental conditions...
DC/DC power dwarfs as 1/32 Brick with 100W
Neumüller Elektronik presents two new, non-isolated DC/DC converters from Delta Electronics in a small form factor of 1/32 brick...
AC/DC power supplies according to new IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 standard
Delta Electronics, the world's largest power supply manufacturer, has expanded its successful open frame box PMC series in the 600W range with the models: PMC-12V600W1BA (12V/50A) and PMC-48V600W1BA (48V/12.5A). These are already equipped with the new safety approval IEC/EN/UL 62368-1...
Delta PMT2 Series - switch mode power supplies with extra flat design and safety approval for household applications
As a further development from the PMH series, Delta Electronics now has one 12V and one 24V output variant each in three power classes: 50/ 100/ 150W with the PMT-12V50W2BA, PMT-24V50W2BA, PMT-12V100W2BAPMT-24V100W2BA, PMT-12V150W2BA, PMT-24V150W2BA reduce the overall height from 40mm to 30mm...
MDS100APS - power supply unit with 2x MOPP for use in the medical sector
The MDS100APS power supply from Delta Electronics comes in a 3 "x5" form factor and is characterized by a very good price/performance factor!
Power supply for individualists - MEG-2K1 and MEG-1K2
The MEG-2K1A series offers a total power of 2.1kW that can support up to 6 modules and up to 12 isolated outputs. The smaller 1.2KW device supports up to 4 modules and max. 8 output voltages.
AC/DC Power Supplies for Medical Applications
While the open frame variant MEU-600C24 is available with 600W and optionally 24VDC or 48VDC convection cooled with U-channel, the MEB-1K2A was designed as a chassis power supply with 1200W power, 24VDC or 48VDC output voltage.
Highest quality and safety in the first place
The new 250Watt AC/DC desktop power supply MEA-250A24C with 24VDC at 10.42A from DELTA Electronics. It meets the latest requirements of EN60601-1-2 4th Edition and is especially suitable for high frequency medical devices due to its EMC approval according to EN55011.
New Delta Medical Power Supplies with PMBus Ver 1.3 Supported
Delta Electronics has launched two new AC/DC power supplies designed for use in both medical and industrial applications - the 600W Convection Cooled U-channel MEU-600C24 and the 1200W 1U Enclosed MEB-1K2A24. Both product families come with universal AC input from 85Vac to 264Vac and wide operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C (with full power and no de-rating up to 50°C)...
Digitally controllable power supplies with medical approval
Neumüller Elektronik has expanded its portfolio for demanding medical and industrial applications with the new IMA series from Delta Electronics, the world's leading power supply provider.

The IMA series includes the IMA-S400 (400W), IMA-S600 (600W) and IMA-S1000 (1000W); standard with ±20% trimmable output voltages of 12V, 24V, 48V each.
Highest efficiency and 200 percent power boost with the new Open Frame of the PJB series
Neumüller has added the 240W open frame power supply PJB-24V240WxxA from Delta Electronics to its product range. With this new model with a wide input range from 85Vac to 264Vac, the nominal 24V output in the range 21.6-26.4Vdc can be set by potentiometer.
Versatile - small, powerful and robust!
Neumüller Elektronik has expanded its portfolio with the MDS-300 series from Delta Electronics, specially developed for medical applications.
Delta Launches the Ultra Compact Sync DIN Rail Power Supply Series
Delta launches the ultra compact Sync DIN rail power supply series with the first model offering 24V output at 30W power rating. The Sync series requires less installation space with its ultra compact body measuring only 75mm tall. The rugged plastic case has flame retardant property certified to UL 94V-0 specification.
Delta launches the CliQ M on the market
Delta Electronics now releases one of the narrowest DIN rail power supplies in its class. The CliQ M power supply meets all requirements for maritime applications. It has been specially developed according to industrial and maritime safety standards. It also complies with IEC/EN 61000-3-2, Class A standards for harmonic currents.
Digitally controlled DC/DC converters with PMBus interface
No other topic currently dominates the power supply market more than Digital Power. Digital control of DC/DC converters enables simple and flexible circuit design of a complex power supply architecture and offers the possibility to significantly improve the efficiency, power density and reliability of the power supply system through numerous functions.
24V/10A two-phase DIN rail power supply unit
Neumüller's product portfolio is supplemented by a new CliQ II DIN rail power supply with a 24V/10A output from the renowned power supply manufacturer Delta Electronics. In addition to the pure single-phase power supply DRP-024V240W1Bx and the three-phase power supply DRP-024V240W3Bx, the DRP-24V240W2BN is now available for a single-phase or two-phase input.
Delta Introduces 24V/10A Output to its CliQ II Two Phase Series
Delta Electronics extends the CliQ II DIN rail power supply series with 24V/10A output for input at two phase 2 x 180-550Vac (for L-L); single phase 180-305Vac (for L-N) and 254-780Vdc. The DRP-24V240W2BN features wide AC input voltage for single or two phase range. Such feature can protect the power supply from damage when user accidentally apply a two phase input on the single phase power supply.
Delta Extends CliQ II Series with 24V/5A Output in Two Phase Range
Delta Electronics is extending the CliQ II DIN rail power supply series with a new model offering two phase 2 x 180-550Vac (for L-L) or single phase 180-305Vac (for L-N) for 24V/5A output. The DRP-24V120W2BN has safety approvals for single phase and two phase input according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 and UL 508 safety standards.
Delta Electronics Introduces 240~360W Eighth Brick Intermediate Bus Converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced 240~360W standard eighth brick intermediate bus converters, newest and one of the most innovative additions to their board mounted DC/DC power converters. The E48SC series, isolated DC/DC converters, support a wide input voltage of 36V to 75V and output voltage of 12V, available in 3 power ratings 240W, 300W and 360W.
Delta Electronics Introduces the E54SD12025 Eighth Brick Into Their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced the newest and one of the most innovative additions to their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters. E54SD12025, a high power density 1/8th power converter with the most cost competitive design. The footprint and pinout of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30”x0.9”x0.5”).
Delta Electronics Introduces the Q54SG quarter brick family into their board mounted DC/DC power converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced the newest and one of the most innovative additions to their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters… the Q54SG, a high power density 1/4th power converter family with the most cost competitive design. The footprint and pinout of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30”x1.45”x0.50”).
Delta Introduces Two New Models for the Low Profile PMR Panel Mount Power Supply Series for LED Signage
Delta Electronics is extending the low profile PMR panel mount power supply series with two new models, PMR-5V320WDAA and PMR-4V320WCAA. The PMR series is designed for LED signage application where efficient heat dissipation for the components are crucial in a low profile control cabinet. At only 30mm height, the universal input products are made for installation in narrow space and are able to withstand polluted environment as the PCBAs are applied with conformal coating.
Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply Series is Now Available with 5V Output Voltage Suitable for Controller Unit
Delta Electronics extends its Chrome DIN rail power supply series with the addition of a compact 5V output voltage product suitable for controller unit which provides 7.5W output power. The Class II double isolation power supply is designed for use in small cabinets where space and product safety are of utmost importance.
Standardized, encapsulated power modules from 2 to 60 watts
The products equipped with integrated EMC filters are suitable for factory automation, rail and other vehicles, medical technology, telecommunications and data communications applications, among others. Delta Electronics offers a wide range of standardized network modules in the AA, AB and AC series, covering all common industry standard sizes and footprints. The output power of the fully encapsulated power supply modules is ...
Three New Models for The PMT Panel Mount Power Supply Series
Delta Electronics is extending the highly affordable and reliable PMT panel mount power supply series with the addition of three new models. The new products are two 5V models with power ratings of 35W and 50W and a 15V model with power rating of 50W.
The new Q48SC 1/4-brick series with PM bus from Delta
Delta Electronics, Inc., the world's leading power supply manufacturer, has added the brand-new and innovative Q48SC series, a ¼-Brick family of high power density DC/DC converters for PCB mounting, to its product line at an extremely competitive price. The connectors and pin assignments of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30 "x1.50" x0.37 "). The Q48SC converter with nominal 48V input, single output and isolation voltage of 1.5kV ...
DIN Rail Power Supplies - CliQ II Series from Delta
Delta Electronics, as one of Neumüller's premium partners and the world's leading supplier of power supplies, has expanded its DIN Rail Power Supplies product portfolio with the new energy-saving CliQ II series for a wide range of industrial automation applications.
Chrome DIN rail series also in 30W with 24V output voltage
Delta Electronics, as one of Neumüller's premium partners and the world's largest supplier of power supplies, has extended its Chrome series of DIN rail power supplies by a further model with 30W power and 24V output voltage for use in compact switch cabinets in home automation, food and beverage industry.

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