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In the field of optoelectronics, we offer probably the broadest product portfolio in Germany. As a system provider, we develop - together with you - the product that fits your needs and that with 70 years of experience. Our special strength lies in the interaction of the availability of standard products, the high flexibility and the application-oriented implementation of customer-specific adaptations and special solutions. We are proud of our good reputation, which we have made not least due to our broad product range in the field of optoelectronics, in particular IR components / sensors and visible LEDs. We only offer quality products from leading manufacturers. Put simply: We offer optoelectronics from specialists!
LEDs (1267)

High-quality LEDs for all areas of application. With us you are guaranteed to find the right light emitting diode for your lighting project. In ...

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UV-Technology (99)

In the field of UV technology, Neumüller offers you a broad portfolio of high-performance UV components and subsystems. From the UV-CCL tube over ...

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Photodetectors (175)

Large selection of photodetectors from well-known manufacturers. Our product range includes photodiodes, photodiode arrays, phototransistors, ...

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TOF (time of flight) (18)

Whether TOF sensor, camera or evaluation kit: With the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG, powerful and cost-efficient ...

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Optocouplers (263)

Optocouplers from well-known manufacturers available with Darlington, logic, TRIAC or transistor output. Whether with 1, 2 or 4 channels or with ...

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Short ways and short developing periods. Our response time to customer demands is significantly reduced. We experience progress ...

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Our Optoelectronic-Manufacturer

Brochures, flyers and presentations

Coloured Luminous Diodes
  PDF   | Sites: 4 | 1.3 MB
CubeSat Technologies
  PDF   | Sites: 4 | 2.2 MB
LED-Modules and -Systems
  PDF   | Sites: 16 | 3 MB
High Reliability Capabilities
  PDF   | Sites: 8 | 0.4 MB
Industrial Sensing and Control
  PDF   | Sites: 48 | 9.9 MB
Infrared Emitter
  PDF   | Sites: 9 | 2 MB
Infrared HighPower VCSEL
  PDF   | Sites: 2 | 0.5 MB
LED System House
  PDF   | Sites: 6 | 3.5 MB
Optoelectronics Selection Guide
  PDF   | Sites: 60 | 16.8 MB
Time-of-Flight (ToF)
  PDF   | Sites: 8 | 1.1 MB
  PDF   | Sites: 28 | 3 MB

The latest news to: Optoelectronic

Smart RGB LEDs
Unlike conventional RGB LEDs, Smart RGB LEDs have an integrated driver IC, allowing each individual color to be ...
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Z5M4: High-power LED with WICOP technology
Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio with the Z5M4, a new high-power 3535-design LED with WICOP techno...
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Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.