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We offer one of the widest ranges of product-portfolio in the field of optoelectronic. We as a system-provider we develop together with you and can realize your custom-fit products with more than 60 years of experiences. Our specialized strength is the combination of circumstances by keeping standard-parts available from stock, high flexibility and implementing customer-specific modifications and special-purpose solutions. We are proud of our good reputation in the market, which we achieved by offering a wide range of optoelectronic-components in the field of IR/sensoric, visible LEDs, OLEDSs as well as displays. You can be sure to receive high-end quality goods of market-leading suppliers from us. Simply said: You will receive Optoelectronic from the specialist!
Always the right LED! The wavelength range from 280nm (UV) over visible LEDs to 950nm (IR) is completely covered. Besides the LEDs, we also provide the required accessories. These include an adequate LED current supply, LED driver units, optics for a homogeneous photographic image, heat sinks for the perfect thermal management, and DMX light-controllers.
In the field of UV technology, Neumüller offers you a broad portfolio of high-performance components and subsystems. From the UV-CCL tube over the UV-LED up to the suitable UV sensors we always have the suitable component for your application. Whether you need to disinfect water, treat air, cure paints or adhesives, we have the right component for you. Our portfolio covers a spectral range from 185nm-405nm and should you not find the right component, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also realize customized solutions.
Receivers & Sensors
Huge assortment of receivers and sensors. Our range of photo diodes, photo transistors, photo darlington and photo logic in plastic or metal housings is second to none. The components are available in a wide variety of housings. The most common include u. a. 3mm, 5mm, 0805 and 1206 packages as well as hermetically sealed variants in the TO-18, TO-48 and Pill Pak.
TOF (time of flight)
The ESPROS chips are based on the 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle of light. These chips were designed to enable simple and cost effective 3D ToF cameras. Together with a microprocessor and a few external components a fully functional ToF camera can be built. The measurement functionality supports distance and ambient light measurement with variable integration time and on-chip temperature measurement for drift compensation.
You decide! All typical industry designs are available. Receivers in stock: Transistors (singles, duals & quads), AC Inputs (Singles, Duals & Quads + Single 6 Pin Devices), Schmitt Triggers (Single Channel, Microprocessor Compatible), Darlington (Singles, Duals & Quads), Triacs (Standard & Zero Crossing Devices), Low Power Coupler (Single, Dual & Quad - Transistor & Darlington Devices). CTR: 10% to 600% for transistors, and minimum of 1000% for Darlington. The majority is certified after UL, VDE, BSI, Nemko and the safety norm EN60950. Normal optical couplers reach isolation voltages of up to 7kV. You can find optical couplers with an isolation voltage higher than 7kV under high-voltage-couplers.
High voltage optocouplers
Safety first! For the safe disjunction of isolation voltages from 5kV to 50kV. The different types of receivers such as diodes, transistors or Darlingtons, allow different levels of CTR, selected or grouped to guarantee the defined minimum- and maximum-value. Also with a digital outlet (TTL) for the separation of A.C.- and D.C.-voltage at a data rate of up to 2Mbit/s. Constructed for high voltage spike immunity (dv/dt). Certified after UL/VDE and certified for use in ATEX and IECEX-certified electric equipment in explosive areas. The high voltage couplers are available in a standard-version, or in a customized version.
Short ways and short developing periods. Our response time to customer demands is significantly reduced. We experience progress in LED-technique at an early stage because we measure the newest LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor’s development laboratory in our own photometric laboratory. Thanks to this we are also an active partner in the development of new products. Creating our own layouts is natural, for our clients always receive custom-made solutions from a single hand. Of course of highest quality and made in Germany.
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.