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Power Supply

We provide power supplies of the highest quality and reliability for lighting, automation, medical & life science, automotive, marine, rail, aerospace, military, security & surveillance, communications & IT, consumer & home appliances, instrumentation and many other industrial applications. In addition to standardized power supplies from well-known manufacturers, we also offer customer-specific solutions.

✓ Highest reliability and longevity for maximum availability ✓ Electrically and mechanically robust ✓ Up to IP68 protection
AC/DC Power Supplies
Converting AC voltage to DC voltage with AC/DC power supplies is easy. It's harder to do it all with high efficiency and reliability. With our plug and table power supplies, DIN rail power supplies and built-in power supplies, you have a wide product portfolio of high-quality AC/DC power supplies for a wide variety of applications and industries (industry, medicine, automotive engineering, household, IT ...) at your disposal. As an authorized design-in distributor of well-known manufacturers, we offer you not only standardized AC/DC power supplies, but also customized solutions.

✓ 0.25 to 1200 Watt ✓ Input voltage 20-600 VAC ✓ Efficiencies up to 97%
DC/DC Converters
Efficient and reliable DC/DC converters with high power and efficiency. From refreshing or generating a stabilized control voltage across the galvanic isolation of trains, forklifts or ships to avoiding ground loops: With DC/DC converters, more can be achieved than a simple voltage adjustment. With trimming, sense, current/load sharing, parallel operation and other functions, even demanding applications can be implemented. As an authorized design-in distributor of well-known manufacturers, we offer you not only standard products but also customized solutions.

✓1 up to 2400 watts ✓ Input ranges from 0.7 to 4000 volts ✓ Non-insulated or insulated up to 10kV
LED Power Supplies
Efficient LED power supplies at the highest level from renowned manufacturers. Special legal regulations apply to LED power supplies with regard to safety (EN 61347-1/-2-13), EMC (EN 55015) and harmonics (EN 61000-3-2). Whether current controlled or voltage controlled, whether dimmable, programmable, with ENEC or with IP67 protection: we can supply you with the LED power supply exactly matched to your requirements.
Battery Packs
  • Integrated electrical security, surveillance, charging status and/or charging circuit
  • Transport tests according to UN 38.3
  • Possible types of batteries: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Lithium-Polymer (Li-Poly), nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH), nickel cadmium (NiCd), sealed lead acid batteries, lithium manganese dioxide batteries, lithium-sulfur dioxide batteries, lithium thionyl chloride batteries, alkaline batteries
Knowledge Center
Hier erfahren Sie mehr über unser Know-how im Bereich der Elektronik. Außerdem finden Sie in unseren Glossar alles von A-Z zu Ihren Wunschthemen.

The latest news to: Power Supply

When size matters! Small and robust power supply for medical technology and IT
The small 165.3 x 85.2 x 41mm AC/DC power supply unit in an aluminium chassis housing from Delta Electronics provides all the necessary safety approvals for medical (class BF) and other applications such as IT and measuring instruments...
High performance LED drivers for highest requirements
Delta Electronics newest power range for the LNE series of 600W LED drivers is now available...
Reliable power supplies - even in harsh operating environments
Neumüller presents the new PJH series from Delta Electronis with 300W (fan) / 24W (convection) output power. Special attention was paid to the design of these power supplies for a very reliable operation, even under adverse environmental conditions...
LED Power Supplies for Horticulture Applications
For Horticulture applications, the selection of the LED power supply is an important part of the overall system. Important criteria have to be fulfilled. At Neumüller Elektronik you will find LED power supplies with high efficiency, a long service life and a higher degree of protection...
DC/DC power dwarfs as 1/32 Brick with 100W
Neumüller Elektronik presents two new, non-isolated DC/DC converters from Delta Electronics in a small form factor of 1/32 brick...
uPowerTek LED Power Supplies: TLD series now with ENEC
uPowerTek now offers the TLD series which has been ENEC certified for both ranges of constant current and constant voltage (160W - 400W)...
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.