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In the field of UV technology, Neumüller offers you a broad portfolio of high-performance components and subsystems. From the UV-CCL tube over the UV-LED up to the suitable UV sensors we always have the suitable component for your application. Whether you need to disinfect water, treat air, cure paints or adhesives, we have the right component for you. Our portfolio covers a spectral range from 185nm-405nm and should you not find the right component, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also realize customized solutions.
UV LEDs: effective and simple. Much more effective than conventional UV light sources, as they generate high light intensities in the UV range in a narrow wavelength range. Since they are also semiconductor light sources, the controllability and regulation is completely problem-free. With us you receive UV-LEDs from 280nm to 405nm.
The UV-CCL (UV Cold Cathode Lamp) is considerably smaller than conventional UV-HCL technology (Hot Cathod Lamp) and therefore offers many advantages. The diameter of the UV cold cathode lamps is just 4mm, HCL's on the other hand are approx. 15mm. Thus, the use of UVC tubes enables applications that previously seemed unthinkable. Also the lifetime of the UV-CCL's is with up to 50.000 hours far above the conventional Hot Cathode Lamps. This makes constant lamp replacement virtually superfluous. The UV-CCL's are available in wavelengths of 254nm, 318nm and 365nm. On request the 254nm version can be delivered with additional peak at 185nm. This is especially interesting for the disinfection of the air, as the wavelength 185nm is responsible for the formation of ozone.

UV sensors to measure the complete UV spectrum and the UV index. Whether you want to measure the range UVA 320-405nm, UVB 320-280nm or UVC 280-200nm, we have the right sensor. The UV sensors are available in SMD and THT designs. We also offer a UV Index Sensor for measuring the complete UV Index 0-15. This sensor is suitable for applications such as Smart Watches, fitness bracelets or sailing equipment. If you cannot find the right product for you right away, please contact us. In addition to the standard portfolio, we implement many customer-specific solutions.

Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.