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passion.experience.reliability. These are the focal points of our work. We react to your requirements with passion and solution-oriented action. Our many years of experience offer you objectivity and competence to procure or develop optimized medical technology for your application. We demand reliability not only from our products, but also from ourselves. Medical technology is an industry whose focal points coincide with ours. Test us as your partner for products in the fields of power supplies, LEDs, UV technology, sensor technology, potentiometers, connectors, acoustic signal transmitters, thermal circuit breakers and cable assembly. Our optimized procurement management offers you sustainable availability of the entire product portfolio. Let us break new ground together and realize your application with the highest quality, reliability and compliance with the latest medical standards.

Components for Medical Technology and Life Science

Power Supply

Since 2017, the EN60601 4th Edition has been indispensable for medical power supplies. With our AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, we meet these requirements and offer you reliable and long-lasting quality power supplies. In the operator area (MOOP), we offer an even more comprehensive range of power supplies, offering you future-proof products and a fast market entry.


Our product portfolio of well-known LED manufacturers includes white LEDs in very high quality. In addition to maximum efficiency and a long service life, we also focus on quality features such as colour temperature conformity and colour rendering factor (CRI). This means that high-quality LEDs and a wide variety of housing designs are available for innovative and high-quality lighting applications in medical technology.


UV radiation sources are used in medical technology and life science from blood gas analysis to dermatology and disinfection of water and surfaces. Together with our manufacturers Seoul Viosys, SETi and Stanley Electric we offer a wide range of innovative UV-LEDs and UV-CCLs in a wide spectral range from 185nm-405nm.


With OPTEK Technology, an experienced and renowned specialist for optoelectronics and sensor technology, we offer you highly developed, application-specific sensor solutions for a wide range of applications in medical technology and life science such as electrosurgery, lighting unit, data transmission, acquisition, analysis, detection, pulse rate pulse oximetric oxygen content/saturation, object and condition detection, speed and direction of rotation, video signal transmission or detection of liquids and air bubbles in a tube.

Further components for the medical technology & life science sector

Neumüller offers an additional selection of complementary products for medical technology applications. Reliability and availability are the basis for successful medical devices. Here we support you with decades of experience and know-how.

Our manufacturers for medical technology

The latest news to: Medicine Technology

750Watt power for home appliances, industrial and medical applications
The two new 750W chassis power supplies: MEB-750A24T AAA and MEB-750A48T AAA from Delta Electronics bring all the approvals to do their job in al...
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Power supplies for home care applications
The trend is clear, more and more medical diagnostic, monitor as well as therapy devices are designed for use in the home environment...
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MEG-700A3: Addition to the family of configurable power supplies
Delta Electronics has added a 700W AC/DC power supply to its MEG-A series. The MEG-700A3 comes with 3 slots in a compact size with a power densit...
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OPB350: Liquid sensor for critical medical applications
TT Electronics offers intelligent and reliable optoelectronic sensors for critical applications in the field of medical technology. With the OPB3...
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USB memory sticks for industry, automotive, military and medical technology
Flexxon's USB2.0 & USB3.1 Gen1 USB flash drives are designed to support applications in the harshest environments, such as constant vibration, ex...
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OPB9001: Reflective optical sensor module for industrial and medical applications
Designed for portability in a variety of position and presence sensing applications, the OPB9001 PCB module from TT Electronics OPTEK Technology...
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Whether complete system development or adapted standard solution: We have the right medical technology components for you. Give us a call and let our experts advise you on the development of your application and our solutions today.

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