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Large selection of OLED, TFT and LCD displays for your project. Our range includes character modules, segment display LCDs, graphic displays, OLED displays, COG dipsplays and a variety of TFT modules. The areas of application for the displays range from consumer electronics to measuring devices, cell phones, digital clocks, pocket calculators and medical and industrial devices. In addition to a range of standard products, we also offer customized solutions. Talk to us, our experts will be happy to advise you.

TFT displays

0.9" to 31.5" | excellent brightness | readable in sunlight | high operating temperature ranges

Standard TFT LCD display modules

All displays are characterized by excellent brightness with low power consumption.
Diagonal 0.90" ... 31.50"
Resolution 80x160 ... 1920x1080
Brightness 100 ... 800cd/m²
Interfaces RGB | MIPI | CPU | LVDS | SPI
Touchpanel Optional
Operating temperature -20° ~ +70° C

TFT display modules with a wide temperature range

These displays are characterized by high usability even in the toughest industrial applications.
Diagonal 1.77" ... 15.60"
Resolution 160x128 ... 1920x1080
Brightness 110 ... 1000cd/m²
Interfaces MCU | RGB | LVDS | eDP | SPI | TTL
Features Optional
Operating temperature -40° ~ +85° C

TFT display modules with high brightness

Thanks to their high brightness, these displays are also ideally suited for outdoor displays.
Diagonal 1.77" ... 15.60"
Resolution 160x128 ... 1920x1080
Brightness 500 ... 1500 cd/m²
Interfaces MCU | RGB | LVDS | eDP | SPI | TTL
Features Optional
Operating temperature -30° ~ +85° C

Sunlight-readable TFT display modules

TFT panel with high brightness - LEDs with high brightness including bright reinforcing film.
Diagonal 1.77" ... 15.00"
Resolution 160x128 ... 1024x768
Brightness 90 ... 1000cd/m²
Interfaces CPU | RGB | LVDS
Features Transreflective | Transmissive | IPS
Operating temperature -20° ~ +70° C

Monochrome LCD displays

Monochrome LCDs are the most widely used technology. Inexpensive, durable and proven for several decades. Further advantages are the compact and robust design of the modules. We offer a large selection of standard modules, with or without backlighting.

Character Modules

Predefined number of characters, with or without backlighting.
Character 8x2 ... 40x4
Design COB
Technology TN | STN | R | E | L
Features Transmissive | Transreflective

Segment display LCDs

Predefined, displayable segments.

Segment 4 digit | 7-segment | 16x2 + Icon
LCD Outline 55x23mm ... 107x37,60mm
Interfaces Seriell | Parallel | I²C | SATIC
PIN 11 | 27 | 34 | 56

Graphic-LCD Displays

Graphic display modules

Images, letters and numbers? No problem with a graphic display. This display contains dots on the X-axis (horizontal) and dots on the Y-axis (vertical). Each of these points (pixels) can be switched on and off independently of each other.
Resolution 96x32 | 320x240
Visible surface 42,22x11,50mm ... 94,84x20,02mm
Technology STN | FSTN | FTN | R | E | L
Design COB | Mono TFT | TP integrated | COG
Operating temperature -20° ~ +70° C

COG Displays

Chip-On-Glass Displays

COG (Chip-On-Glass) LCD displays are smaller, more cost-effective and highly customizable display solutions compared to typical LCD modules with a printed circuit board. With COG displays, the driver IC is applied directly to the glass, eliminating the need for a separate circuit board. Users only need to provide the power supply and a communication interface. Contact is usually made via FPC or PINs.
Auflösung 16x2 ... 320x240
Diagonale 1.2" ... 6.04"
Technologie TN | STN | FSTN | R | L | WL
Schnittstellen SPI | 6800 | 8080
Arbeitstemperatur -20° ~ +70° C

OLED Displays

OLED panels - rich colors and energy savings

OLED/AMOLED technology takes the picture to the next level. The revolutionary technology means that each individual pixel of the display is its own light source. As a result, they offer a brighter glow, a truly black black and lower response times than conventional LCD. The significantly higher resolution (pixel density) enables even better picture quality.
Diagonal (Inch) 0.39" ... 5.50"
Resolution 20x2 ... 1920x1080
Brightness 200 ... 1500 cd/m²
Interfaces RGB | MIPI | HDMI | LVDS
Features Micro OLED | Passive Color | Monochrome | AMOLED
Operating temperature -30° ~ +85° C

Panels PCs

Human Machine Interface

Our fully industrial-grade Panel PCs are designed to meet even the most stringent requirements in terms of shock, vibration and temperature resistance. With our standard and customized Panel PCs, the specific needs of your control and visualization applications can be optimally met, whether in automation, medical technology, transportation or military applications.
Resolution Width: 1024-2560 ... Heigth: 24-1080
Diagonal 7.0" ... 19.0"
Brightness 250 ... 450 cd/m²
Interfaces RGB| LVDS
Operating System Linux | Android
Features IPS | Incell Touch | Bar shape

Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.

Our Displays-Manufacturer

Futaba compatible VFD modules from Noritake Itron
Futaba modules in their application and are looking for a compatible display to continue their business...
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