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Fibre Optic Connectors

Die Optik-D -Serie ist ein ARINC 801 konformer Steckverbinder, entwickelt für den Einsatz in der Combo-D Serie.
Die Kernkompetenz liegt in den werkseitig bestückten Präzision Adapter, welche die Aufnahme von LWL gewährleistet. Vorteile sind unter anderem eine Reduzierung der Kontakte, des Gewichtes und geringe Dämpfungsverluste über große Entfernungen.
Fibre Optic Connectors


The Optik-DTM Series is an ARINC 801-conforming fiber optic terminus intended for use in the Combo-D family of connector products, which is a mixed density connector comprised of size 8 and size 20 contacts. The core technology resides within the factory-installed precision adapters that occupy one or more size 8 cavities and accept the optical terminus.

Advantages of Fiber Optics

  • High bandwidth
  • EMI immunity
  • Reduced wiring bulk and weight
  • Improved data security safety in explosive environments
  • Minimal losses over long distances
  • Future proofing of applications
  • Elimination of group loops
  • Especially advantageous in industries such as medical imaging, aerospace, oil & gas and telecom

Optik-D Features

  • Ultra low insertion loss of 0.06 dB (typical) means less optical power is required, which can mean the difference between an inexpensive LED laser and a costly solid state laser
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • More cost effective than D38999 or ARINC 600-based systems
  • Wide availability of accessories
  • Compatible with other ARINC 801 termini
  • Hybrid connector allows for combination of optical, power, signal and/or coax in a single connector
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