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Photometric laboratory Light measurement according to CIE

Photometric laboratory
Light measurement according to CIE

Our lighting laboratory offers you the latest lighting measurement techniques according to the CIE requirements. The measurement devices especially designed for the measurement of LEDs.

A verification of data sheets for the measurements of LEDs is in the pulse mode possible. Furthermore LEDs from different producers can be compared.

Measurement of UV (350nm), over visible, to IR (1100nm) LEDs.

The following parameters for LEDs can be measured and evaluated by us:

  • Luminous flux
    Measured in lumen (lm), determines the brightness of a light source in a 3-dimensioned room.
  • Luminous intensity
    Luminous flux/dihedral angle, measured in a candela (cd), indicates how bright a light source illuminates in a certain direction.
  • Efficiency
    Luminous flux/Area, measured in LUX (lx) determines how bright an area is illuminated.
  • CRI
    Color rendering index describing the quality of color reproduction of light sources of the same correlated color temperature.
  • Colour temperature
    CCT / Measured in Kelvin, gives the color impression of the light again from cold white to warm white
  • Chromaticity coordinate
    x, y coordinates determine the position of the color temperature in the CIE -XYZ color space
  • Wavelength
    The wavelengths of visible light, lies between 380nm and 780nm.
  • Viewing angle
    In degrees, describes the angle at which the light leaves the light source, usually defining the emission angle as FWHM
  • Beam type
    Is the directional release of the light of a light
  • Spectrum
    Weighted distribution of light over the wavelength range of the total electromagnetic radiation
Photometric laboratory: Spectral light distribution Spectral light distribution
Photometric laboratory: Spectra Spectra
Photometric laboratory: Directional characteristic
of a LED with optic Directional characteristic of a LED with optic
  • High-solution spectroradiometer
    • CCD Array 1024 x 128
    • Range of wavelength-measurement: 350 - 1100nm (UV- / vis- / IR-range)
    • Integration time 9ms - 60s
  • Measurement parameters:
    • Color coordinates (x, y / u′, v′)/ Color temperature
    • CRI (Ra, Ri (i= 1 - 14))
    • o Relative spectral light distribution P (λ)
    • luminous flux, luminous power
  • 30/100cm integrating sphere
  • Light- and radiation-measuring device for measurement of luminous intensity in cd or mW/sr, according to requirements after CIE127
  • Goniophotometer for measurement of radiation characteristics of LEDs and optics
    • Angle resolution of 0.1°
    • Luminous intensity of 10mcd-200cd measurable in a CIE class A photometer

Package A

Spectrum, luminous flux, CRI, Peak and dominant wavelength, color temperature and color coordinates of one LED, operated on: rated current, current in the application, and maximum current.

Example of a test report

Package B

Radiation characteristics, intensity/ angle in x- and y-direction each ±90°

Example of a test report


Measurements of Package A and Package B for the same LED
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