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AC/DC Power Supplies

Converting AC voltage to DC voltage with AC/DC power supplies is easy. It's harder to do it all with high efficiency and reliability. With our plug and table power supplies, DIN rail power supplies and built-in power supplies, you have a wide product portfolio of high-quality AC/DC power supplies for a wide variety of applications and industries (industry, medicine, automotive engineering, household, IT ...) at your disposal. As an authorized design-in distributor of well-known manufacturers, we offer you not only standardized AC/DC power supplies, but also customized solutions.

✓ 0.25 to 1200 Watt ✓ Input voltage 20-600 VAC ✓ Efficiencies up to 97%
Wall/Desktop Power Supplies
Wall and desktop power supplies with highest quality and reliability for automation, medicine & life science, security & surveillance, communication & IT, consumer & home appliances, measurement and many other industrial applications. In addition to standardized wall and desktop power supplies from renowned manufacturers, we also offer customer-specific solutions.

✓ Very low residual ripple ✓ Low leakage currents ✓ Worldwide approvals for IT, medical and household appliances ✓ 2 x MOPP-certified ✓ Energy Star, EUP II, energy level ✓ V SELV protection class I and II
DIN Rail Power Supplies
DIN rail power supplies with highest quality and reliability for IT, industry, automation, household, oil and gas, marine and many other applications. In addition to standardized DIN rail power supplies from well-known manufacturers, we also offer customer-specific solutions.

✓ Efficiency up to 94% ✓ Wide input voltage ranges single-, two- and three-phase ✓ No power derating for the entire input voltage range ✓ Power boost of 200% for 2 seconds and 150% for up to 7 seconds ✓ Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing ✓ Operating temperatures from -25°C to 80°C ✓ Cold start possible from -40°C ✓ Explosion protection according to ATEX EN 600079-15
Built-in Power Supplies
With our built-in power supplies, consisting of encapsulated power supply modules and open frame box power supplies, we offer you a wide range of options for AC/DC power supplies for built-in installation. The fields of application range from industry to IT and household appliances to medical technology. As an authorized design-in distributor of well-known manufacturers, we offer you not only standardized built-in power supplies, but also customized solutions.

The latest news to: AC/DC Power Supplies

MEG-700A3: Addition to the family of configurable power supplies
Delta Electronics has added a 700W AC/DC power supply to its MEG-A series. The MEG-700A3 comes with 3 slots in a compact size with a power density of 14.5W/inch³ and an efficiency of up to 93%...
Ultra-compact DIN rail power supplies - cost reduced and energy saving
Neumüller Elektronik adds 6 new models of the new LYTE II series from Delta Electronics to its portfolio. In the watt classes: 120W and 240W, types with 12/24/and 48V - outputs are now available.
New 75W DIN-RAIL power supply with 27mm for more space on the rail!
With the latest, super slim 75 Watt DIN rail power supply from the Delta LYTE product family, Neumüller Elektronik presents a solution for the increasingly critical space problems in existing and new control cabinet applications. With only 27mm width, true minimalists are available with three different output voltages: 12V/24V/48V...
New 300W and 600W peak power supply complements the PJB-24V series
The robust PJB-24V Built-in power supply series from Delta Electronics is available in 100/150/240W and has now been expanded by 300W models in open-board, L-frame and boxed enclosure versions, each with an optional remote ON/OFF control input. The AC/DC power supplies deliver 600W peak power up to 10 seconds...
When size matters! Small and robust power supply for medical technology and IT
The small 165.3 x 85.2 x 41mm AC/DC power supply unit in an aluminium chassis housing from Delta Electronics provides all the necessary safety approvals for medical (class BF) and other applications such as IT and measuring instruments...
Reliable power supplies - even in harsh operating environments
Neumüller presents the new PJH series from Delta Electronis with 300W (fan) / 24W (convection) output power. Special attention was paid to the design of these power supplies for a very reliable operation, even under adverse environmental conditions...

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