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Neumüller Elektronik supports the needy
Neumüller Elektronik GmbH has been operating very successfully as a family business not only in the region but also throughout Europe for 60 years now. Therefore the management and the staff agree: The economic success of the year coming to an end in a few days should be shared with people who are not on the "sunny side of life"...
OLEDWorks and Neumüller sign distribution agreement
OLEDWorks and Neumüller Elektronik GmbH announced today the signing of a distribution agreement. From now on Neumüller sells OLEDWorks´ OLEDs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Like Neumüller Elektronik GmbH, OLEDWorks sees partnership and trust as core elements of a successful cooperation. As a result, synergies can be released that offer customers a high added value...
LUX Award for Sunlike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor
London, November 16, 2018: Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, had every reason to celebrate at this year's LUX Awards 2018...
MART Modular Announces 96 GB Gen Z Memory Module (ZMM)
SMART Modular Technologies, a leading provider of memory modules and systems, has introduced the Gen-Z Memory Module (ZMM). SMART's new ZMM complies with the SSF-8201 form factor specification and supports the Gen-Z connection standard.
It's that easy. With the new UVC module CMW-FCC-CO1A from Seoul Viosys, you can integrate LED technology into your application quickly and easily. The module is waterproof and has the protection class IPX8...
Neumüller signs distribution agreement with SMART Modular Technologies
With SMART, Neumüller is expanding its product portfolio with high-quality memory modules. The Neumüller Elektronik GmbH takes over the distribution of the FLASH, DRAM and LPDRAM modules for Germany.
RFMicron Adopts Tradename Axzon
RFMicron, Inc announces on April, 11, 2018 that it will begin doing business as Axzon effective immediately. The new tradename is part of a re-branding initiative to better align the Company’s tradename with its growing line of Smart Passive Sensing™ products, complete systems, and data-centric solutions.
Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611
At the end of 2017, ESPROS Photonics AG introduced the new Time-of-Flight (ToF) Imager epc611. It has an 8x8 pixel CCD photodiode array and is available as usual in a chip-scale BGA package. The pixel size is 20um x 20um, resulting in an active area of ​​160um x 160um...
New Delta Medical Power Supplies with PMBus Ver 1.3 Supported
Delta Electronics has launched two new AC/DC power supplies designed for use in both medical and industrial applications - the 600W Convection Cooled U-channel MEU-600C24 and the 1200W 1U Enclosed MEB-1K2A24. Both product families come with universal AC input from 85Vac to 264Vac and wide operating temperature of -20°C to +70°C (with full power and no de-rating up to 50°C)...
Successful premiere of lighting technology
The organizers of the "lighting technology" trade fair are highly satisfied: 40 workshops, 71 exhibition stands, 20 additional companies represented by speakers and 914 visitors and workshop participants - these are the statistical figures for lighting technology 2017.
Sunlike LED - You have never been closer to the Sun
The human organism is influenced by the spectrum of sunlight and its variations. Important biological functions are directed directly or indirectly by the sunlight. Following this thought, leading Korean manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor has announced the next milestone in high-quality lighting applications ...
OPB9000: Miniature reflex sensor with programmable sensitivity
OPB9000 Photologic®V - Robust Reflective Object Sensor with high ambient light immunity.OPTEK Technologies Inc. sets new standards in sensor technology with the new Photologic®V. The Reflective Optical Sensor OPB9000 provides the most reliable edge and presence detection of reflective objects. The special feature of the OPB9000 is its high ambient immunity, which provides versatile applications in industrial and medical applications.
LG Chem becomes LG Display
We would like to inform you that OLED department of the LG group has been relocated from LG Chem to LG Display due to internal restructuring...
Delta Launches the Ultra Compact Sync DIN Rail Power Supply Series
Delta launches the ultra compact Sync DIN rail power supply series with the first model offering 24V output at 30W power rating. The Sync series requires less installation space with its ultra compact body measuring only 75mm tall. The rugged plastic case has flame retardant property certified to UL 94V-0 specification.
Optik-D™ - The new Generation of Low Loss Optical Interconnects
The product portfolio of Neumüller Elektronik has been enhanced by the new developed Optik-D™ Series of Positronic. This Series is establishing a new standard of low loss optical interconnects for harsh environments.The Optik-D™ modules are offering advantages as high bandwidth, EMI immunity, improved data security and minimal losses over long distances.
3rd Generation of High-voltage-LED-Technology
The in the LED-market well-known South-Korean LED-supplier Seoul Semiconductor has now brought the 3rd generation of Acrich-Technology to maturity phase. In addition to the well-known technically features of AC2+Generation like the feasibility of direct analog dimming, the adjustable total power up to a max of 16W per IC, the new 3rd Generation of high-voltage-technology brings even more benefits with itself like harmonized dimming-distribution by the use of a triac-dimmer.
Delta Introduces 24V/10A Output to its CliQ II Two Phase Series
Delta Electronics extends the CliQ II DIN rail power supply series with 24V/10A output for input at two phase 2 x 180-550Vac (for L-L); single phase 180-305Vac (for L-N) and 254-780Vdc. The DRP-24V240W2BN features wide AC input voltage for single or two phase range. Such feature can protect the power supply from damage when user accidentally apply a two phase input on the single phase power supply.
Neumüller presents a new 365nm UV-LED
One new product in the portfolio of Neumüller is a High-Power UV LED with a peak wavelength of 365nm. The manufacturer Seoul Viosys is one of the best performing UV LED manufacturers worldwide.
Delta Extends CliQ II Series with 24V/5A Output in Two Phase Range
Delta Electronics is extending the CliQ II DIN rail power supply series with a new model offering two phase 2 x 180-550Vac (for L-L) or single phase 180-305Vac (for L-N) for 24V/5A output. The DRP-24V120W2BN has safety approvals for single phase and two phase input according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1 and UL 508 safety standards.
Delta Electronics Introduces 240~360W Eighth Brick Intermediate Bus Converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced 240~360W standard eighth brick intermediate bus converters, newest and one of the most innovative additions to their board mounted DC/DC power converters. The E48SC series, isolated DC/DC converters, support a wide input voltage of 36V to 75V and output voltage of 12V, available in 3 power ratings 240W, 300W and 360W.
Delta Electronics Introduces the E54SD12025 Eighth Brick Into Their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced the newest and one of the most innovative additions to their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters. E54SD12025, a high power density 1/8th power converter with the most cost competitive design. The footprint and pinout of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30”x0.9”x0.5”).
Delta Electronics Introduces the Q54SG quarter brick family into their board mounted DC/DC power converters
Delta Electronics, Inc., a world leader in power systems technology and manufacturing, has introduced the newest and one of the most innovative additions to their Board Mounted DC/DC Power Converters… the Q54SG, a high power density 1/4th power converter family with the most cost competitive design. The footprint and pinout of the converters follow the DOSA industry standard (2.30”x1.45”x0.50”).
Delta Introduces Two New Models for the Low Profile PMR Panel Mount Power Supply Series for LED Signage
Delta Electronics is extending the low profile PMR panel mount power supply series with two new models, PMR-5V320WDAA and PMR-4V320WCAA. The PMR series is designed for LED signage application where efficient heat dissipation for the components are crucial in a low profile control cabinet. At only 30mm height, the universal input products are made for installation in narrow space and are able to withstand polluted environment as the PCBAs are applied with conformal coating.
Chrome DIN Rail Power Supply Series is Now Available with 5V Output Voltage Suitable for Controller Unit
Delta Electronics extends its Chrome DIN rail power supply series with the addition of a compact 5V output voltage product suitable for controller unit which provides 7.5W output power. The Class II double isolation power supply is designed for use in small cabinets where space and product safety are of utmost importance.
Three New Models for The PMT Panel Mount Power Supply Series
Delta Electronics is extending the highly affordable and reliable PMT panel mount power supply series with the addition of three new models. The new products are two 5V models with power ratings of 35W and 50W and a 15V model with power rating of 50W.
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