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Multi-Channel RGBW Dimmable LED Driver for Sports Lighting

Multi-Channel RGBW Dimmable LED Driver for Sports Lighting

uPowerTek has expanded its program with the TYK series. The innovative dimmable multi-channel RGB(W) LED drivers have been developed for sports lighting and offer a powerful power range from 600W to 2000W and a high efficiency of up to 97%. They have built-in 20kV surge protection and support a variety of dimming protocols including 0-10V, PWM, D4i, DALI2, DMX and RDM. Its unique integrated design simplifies installation and reduces the complexity of maintenance, resulting in cost and time savings. Fast dimming, rapid flashing and customizable lighting effects enable an ideal spectator experience, making the TYK series a versatile and reliable choice for modern sports lighting requirements.


  • 600W to 2000W Output Range
  • Absolute Supply Voltage: 180~528Vac
  • 20kV Built-in Surge Protector
  • 97% Efficiency Max.
  • Low-Frequency Ripple (Broadcasting Level)
  • 0.1% Minimum Analog Output Dimming
  • Fast Dimming and Quick Flashing
  • Low Inrush Current
  • 100,000Hour Life @ Tc=75℃
  • Supports: 0-10V / PWM / D4i / 2DALI / DMX / RDM
  • NFC Programmability
  • IP66 and IK08 Enclosure

Innovative Saving through Integrated Design:

  • Component cost savings due to integration of multiple parts into one LED driver, reducing material costs.
  • Simplified installation by merging various modules into one unit, saving time and labor.
  • Streamlined maintenance due to fewer separate elements, enhancing product reliability.
  • Savings in shipping and handling through compact design, providing logistical and environmental benefits.

Cost-Saving Remote Installation:

  • High-voltage advantage allows for minimal voltage drops and remote installations over large distances.
  • Flexible positioning of the LED driver for space-saving and versatile installation options.
  • Labor and maintenance cost savings through centralized or easily accessible driver placement.
  • Electrical infrastructure efficiency through reduced current, leading to thinner and cheaper cables.
  • MCB optimization supports low inrush current, leading to more efficient circuit management.

Multi-Channel for RGB(W) Lights:

  • Independent control with 3 or 4 outputs for RGBW LED drivers.
  • Enhanced spectator experience in stadiums with a wider range of colors and better color rendering.
  • Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness with lower power consumption compared to traditional RGB systems.

DMX512 and RDM Dimming:

  • Support for 512DMX and RDM for dynamic and precise lighting control.
  • Remote management and simplified maintenance through bidirectional communication of RDM.

DALI-2 and D4i Dimming:

  • Broad compatibility with DALI-2 and D4i for versatile lighting solutions.
  • Increased product appeal in markets shifting towards smart lighting solutions.
  • Energy efficiency and data reporting in line with sustainability trends.

Less SKU with Flexible Features:

  • Wide input voltage range for global use.
  • NFC wireless programming for easy customization of output currents.
  • Versatile output options for diverse lighting requirements.
  • Support for multiple dimming protocols to cover a wide range of lighting control systems.
  • Dual dimming connectors with daisy chain support.

Superior Reliability:

  • Robust and durable design for demanding environments.
  • Built-in 20kV surge protection for cost-effective integrated solutions.
  • Extended lifetime and warranty for high reliability.
  • Comprehensive safety features for safe operation.
  • Support for external NTC protection for precise temperature monitoring and control.

Available Models:

Model Input Voltage Output Power Output Channels Output Power/CH Size
TYKT1K8-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 1800W 3 600W 500x152x90 mm
TYKT1K5-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 1500W 3 500W 500x152x90 mm
TYKT1K2-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 1200W 3 400W 380x152x90 mm
TYKT900-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 900W 3 300W 380x152x90 mm
TYKT600-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 600W 3 200W 380x152x90 mm
TYKQ2K0-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 2000W 4 500W 500x152x90 mm
TYKQ1K6-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 1600W 4 400W 500x152x90 mm
TYKQ1K2-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 1200W 4 300W 380x152x90 mm
TYKQ800-Cxxx-XYZ 200-480Vac 800W 4 200W 380x152x90 mm
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