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Signal Technology

High quality signal technology from Compro, Digisound, Kepo and Neumüller Elektronik. From buzzers to transducers, horns, bells, sirens, signal towers, signal lights, flashing lights and rotating beacons, we offer you a wide range of acoustic, optical and combination signal transmitters. Our signal technology range is rounded off by our acoustic components such as piezo discs, microphones and loudspeakers.
Beacons (58)

Optical signaling devices such as signal towers, signal lamps, flashing lights and rotating beacons are often used in signaling technology where ...

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Sounders (217)

Acoustic signaling devices such as buzzers, transducers, horns, bells or sirens are often used in signaling technology when a signaling with ...

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Sounder-Beacon Units (8)

Optical-acoustic signal transmitters are often used in signalling technology where process, danger or alarm conditions must be perceptible at all ...

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Acoustic Components (10)

With our acoustic components you have the flexibility you need for your project. Because the use of prefabricated signal transmitters is not ...

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Our Signal Technology-Manufacturer

Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.