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With our products we offer you a maximum of quality, reliability, function and performance. In addition to the wide selection of different forked photoelectric sensors and reflex couplers, we also offer optocouplers, arrays, liquid sensors, various IR transmitters and receivers and special components for sensor applications. Should our products not be covered by our standard range - no problem! Together with you, we create application-specific products as well as complete solutions in the field of IR components and sensor technology.
Optical Sensors (176)

Huge range of optical sensors from renowned manufacturers. Our range includes photodiodes, phototransistors, photo Darlington transistors, IC ...

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Hall Effect Sensors (36)

Hall effect sensors for non-contact switching systems. The advantages of the sensors compared to classic reed switches are the optimum ...

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Fork light barriers (465)

Large selection of slotted optical switches, equipped with photo transistor, photo Darlington, photo diode or with integrated logic, depending on ...

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Reflective Opto Switches (92)

Reflex optocouplers offer many advantages. Transmitter (IR-LED) and receiver (phototransitor) are optimally matched to each other - spectrally ...

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Fluid sensors (13)

The fluid sensors from Optek Technology are suitable for the detection of different tube diameters and are used for non-contact detection of ...

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Color Sensors (1)

In the field of color sensors we offer multispectral sensors for the ranges 400nm - 900nm (visible) and 775nm - 1075nm (near infrared). These two ...

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Flag-Switches (6)

Optical Flag Switches for the detection of objects at low actuating force. The components can be easily integrated into the system. Depending on ...

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Potentiometers (4727)

Precise and reliable potentiometers for highest demands. Whether linear, single-turn or multi-turn precision potentiometers or the contactless ...

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Trimmer (3336)

Resistance is futile! Once set and fixed, trimmers are used for circuit adjustment in all types of electronic devices. The wide product variety ...

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Encoder (206)

High-quality encoders - also called rotary encoders - from BI Technologies for demanding applications. In addition to standard products, BI ...

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Turns Counting Dials

High-quality turns counting dials from BI Technologies for demanding applications. Individual turns counting dials are also possible with BI ...

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TOF (time of flight) (19)

Whether TOF sensor, camera or evaluation kit: With the Swiss semiconductor manufacturer ESPROS Photonics AG, powerful and cost-efficient ...

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LEDs (1106)

High-quality LEDs for all areas of application. With us you are guaranteed to find the right light emitting diode for your lighting project. In ...

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System Components (13)

ESPROS Photonics AG stands for highest quality, innovative technologies, specialized processes and offers an interesting range of optoelectronic ...

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Coloured Luminous Diodes
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CubeSat Technologies
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LED-Modules and -Systems
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High Reliability Capabilities
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Industrial Sensing and Control
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Infrared Emitter
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LED Components
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LED System House
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Optoelectronics Selection Guide
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Time-of-Flight (ToF)
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The latest news to: Sensors

New SMART RGB and RGBW LEDs with Capacitive Touch Sensor
Neumüller has introduced a new series of digitally addressable multi color LEDs, NMOP-10166 and NMOP-10167. Unli...
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FlexSense: Programmable Incremental Optical Encoder Sensor from TT Electronics
TT Electronics, a global supplier of electronic components and solutions for performance-critical applications, ...
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Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.