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With our products we offer you a maximum of quality, reliability, function and performance. In addition to the wide selection of different forked photoelectric sensors and reflex couplers, we also offer optocouplers, arrays, liquid sensors, various IR transmitters and receivers and special components for sensor applications. Should our products not be covered by our standard range - no problem! Together with you, we create application-specific products as well as complete solutions in the field of IR components and sensor technology.
Always the right LED! The wavelength range from 280nm (UV) over visible LEDs to 950nm (IR) is completely covered. Besides the LEDs, we also provide the required accessories. These include an adequate LED current supply, LED driver units, optics for a homogeneous photographic image, heat sinks for the perfect thermal management, and DMX light-controllers.
Receivers & Sensors
Huge assortment of receivers and sensors. Our range of photo diodes, photo transistors, photo darlington and photo logic in plastic or metal housings is second to none. The components are available in a wide variety of housings. The most common include u. a. 3mm, 5mm, 0805 and 1206 packages as well as hermetically sealed variants in the TO-18, TO-48 and Pill Pak.
TOF (time of flight)
The ESPROS chips are based on the 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle of light. These chips were designed to enable simple and cost effective 3D ToF cameras. Together with a microprocessor and a few external components a fully functional ToF camera can be built. The measurement functionality supports distance and ambient light measurement with variable integration time and on-chip temperature measurement for drift compensation.
Fork light barriers
The right choice. A fork light barrier consists of an integrated transmitter and receiver. Depending on design, they are equipped with a photo-transistor, Darlington or integrated logic. The casing allows quick and easy assembly while being ideally positioned along the optical axis. The high variety of products enables us to offer you the right component for you application – either in standard version, or as a customized solution.
Reflective Opto Switches
Many advantages. For contact-free detection/photo-logic. The advantage of reflective opto switches is their ideal synchronization of transmitter (IR-LED) and receiver (phototransistor), spectrally, as well as geometrically. Reflective opto switches experience no mechanical wear, thus gaining an increased service lifetime. Further advantages are their small dimensions, as well as only minimal delay time of the output signal.
Smarter calculations. Lever switch for the detection of objects at low actuating force. The components may be integrated into the system effortlessly. Depending on the series, they will be delivered either with a connection cable, or with a connection pin. Flag Switches replace mechanical switches while possessing a notably higher service life.
Fluid sensors
A smart solution. Fluid sensors are suitable for recording different hose diameters and are used, for example, for contact-free detection of oils, blood, or water. The sensor detects if fluids are existent in the hose, or if bubbles are forming in it. Depending on the series, an opaque plastic casing is used which improves the correction of ambient light.
Color Sensors
In the area of ​​color sensors we offer multispectral sensors for the ranges 400nm - 900nm (visible) and 775nm - 1075nm (near infrared). These two sensors consist of a CCD photodiode array with 8x8 pixels, ie 64 channels. Each channel has a resolution of 8 bits. The sensors can be used universally for various applications, e.g. Spectroscopy, colorimetry, multispectral image processing, biometric data measurement, light analysis, food characterization and many more.
System Components
ESPROS Photonics AG offers an intersting portfolio of special opto-electronical components for industrial usage, i.e. Photodiode Amplifiers, Light Barrier Devices, Light Curtain Devices, Output Drivers and Optical Filters.
Hall Effect Sensors
For non-contact switching systems. Advantages of Hall sensors compared to classic reed switches: Optimum price/performance ratio and longer service life, as mechanical wear is eliminated due to non-contact signal transmission. In addition to Hall sensors for industrial applications, you also receive hermetically sealed HallEffect sensors for maximum reliability, function and performance as well as HiRel standards for applications in military and aerospace technology.
Sophisticated technologies need highly specialized industrial support. The precision potentiometer (Single-Turn, Multi-Turn and non-contact Hall Effect), trimming resistors (Open Type, Single-Turn, Multi-Turn), steering and slide sensors, encoder and turns counting dials from BI Technologies are well-known for high quality and precision at a fair price. Features like step less adjustments, high reliability and precision even in harsh environments are just a couple of advantage. Even international approvals for aerospace and defense show the continuous quality and high lifetime of BI potentiometer. Contact Neumueller Elektronik GmbH as an official distributor for BI Technologies and learn more about the various opportunities using BI Technologies.
Design-In Support
We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.