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OPTEK Technology

OPTEK Technology, a brand of TT Electronics, is an innovative supplier in the optoelectronics and lighting industry. For almost 40 years OPTEK has been offering optoelectronic products for measurement and lighting applications. The partnership between Neumüller Elektronik and OPTEK Technology has existed for more than 30 years. OPTEK is known for highly developed, application-specific sensor solutions for a wide range of applications. The product portfolio includes standard and specific optoelectronic sensors and photoelectric switches, magnetic sensors (Hall effect), fiber optic components and VCSELs. OPTEK Technology products can be found in a wide range of product sectors, whether industrial applications, medical or military technology. OPTEK Technology is certified according to the US military technical standards MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38535 and MIL-STD-750/883. Certifications:ISO 9001:2008 ISO/TS 16949:2009

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Industrial Sensing and Control
Discretes, Assemblies, Hybrids, Surface Mount and Chip Carrier, High-Reliability, Fiber Optics, VLEDs ...
High Reliability Sensors
Isolators, Optoelectronics, Hall Effect, Potentiometers and Trimmers
CubeSat Technologies
Radiation Tolerant Optocouplers and Hall Effect Sensors for CubeSat Technologies
Infrared HighPower VCSEL
High-performance light sources for sensor applications
Infrared Emitter
Infrared Emitter - LED and VCSEL
Optoelectronics Selection Guide
Optoelectronics & Sensors
High Reliability Optoelectronics
High-Reliability Assemblies,

OPTEK Technology News

OPI1268T: High Speed High Voltage Optocoupler with Isolation Group I
Optek Technology introduces the OPI1268T high-speed, high-voltage optocoupler with input-to-output isolation of 16KVDC...
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FlexSense: Programmable Incremental Optical Encoder Sensor from TT Electronics
TT Electronics, a global supplier of electronic components and solutions for performance-critical applications, has announced the launch of the F...
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OPB735: New non-contact reflective optcoupler for industrial automation applications
TT Electronics, a global supplier of electronics for high-value applications, has introduced its new OPB735 Series reflective object sensors for ...
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OPB350: Liquid sensor for critical medical applications
TT Electronics offers intelligent and reliable optoelectronic sensors for critical applications in the field of medical technology. With the OPB3...
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OPB9001: Reflective optical sensor module for industrial and medical applications
Designed for portability in a variety of position and presence sensing applications, the OPB9001 PCB module from TT Electronics OPTEK Technology...
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Future-proof: High-voltage optocouplers according to IEC 60747-5-5 for medical devices
The IEC 60601 series of standards defines safety requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical systems. The standardization is curre...
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