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FlexSense: Programmable Incremental Optical Encoder Sensor from TT Electronics

FlexSense: Programmable Incremental Optical Encoder Sensor from TT Electronics

TT Electronics, a global supplier of electronic components and solutions for performance-critical applications, has announced the launch of the FlexSense™ product line. FlexSense™ features revolutionary technology to optimize optical encoder applications in industrial and medical applications. The One-size-fits-many advanced optical array integrates several subsystems on one SOC, shrinking solution footprint, shortening time to market and cutting manufacturing costs. The FlexSense™ encoder sensor unit significantly simplifies optical encoder solutions.

“Low-cost control electronics are trending up. At the same time, demand for customized high-end optical encoder sensors is also growing. We saw an opportunity to address both developments in tandem,” said Walter Brooks, Global Product Manager – Optoelectronics, TT Electronics. “FlexSenseTM is the result: a flexible solution that can be configured quickly to meet optical encoder design requirements including higher resolution, faster response, a smaller footprint, and greater intelligence. With FlexSenseTM, TT customers can accelerate time-to-market, reduce solution complexity, and increase manufacturing throughput – now and in the future.”

The FlexSense™ series consists of the FS210 transmissive incremental encoder and the FS310 reflexive incremental encoder. The FlexsenseTM sensor integrates several key features including auto-alignment capability, a closed-loop LED driver, on-chip diagnostics, and a state-of-the-art 8x interpolator. In addition, the fully programmable array, system on chip (SOC) provides a versatile solution that can adapt to a multiple range of code-disk diameters and pulses per revolution as well as several LEDs available in the market, including TT’s OP207CL encoder LED. If the encoder code-disk is later altered, FlexSenseTM can be reprogrammed to meet changing requirements extending the sensor’s value-add to suit future designs and negating the cost of purchasing a different sensor.


  • Incremental optical encoder sensor
  • User programmable photosensor pattern
  • 2 quadrature and 1 index track
  • 10 through 40mm code-wheel radii compatibility
  • Compatible with resolutions from 500 to 6k PPR
  • -40°C to 125°C ambient operating temperature
  • Programmable auto alignment and auto calibration
  • Closed loop LED control

Do you have questions about the new FlexSense™ series from TT Electronics? As an authorized distributor, Neumüller Elektronik GmbH maintains a very close partnership with TT Electronics and will be happy to use its many years of experience to advise you on the selection of suitable components and possible adaptations. Please contact us!

Published: 1/31/2022

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