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Optical Sensors

Huge range of optical sensors from renowned manufacturers. Our range includes photodiodes, phototransistors, photo Darlington transistors, IC photodetectors, fiber optics, line sensors, photodiode arrays and UV sensors. Optoelectronic sensors, which are often used in optosensors, are available in a wide variety of packages. The most common include 3mm, 5mm, 0805 and 1206 packages, as well as hermetically sealed versions in TO-18, TO-48 and Pill Pak.
Photodiodes (16)

PN Junction Silicone Photodiode und PIN Silicon Photodiode Linear response vs. irradiance. Different housings (Pill, T-1, TO-5, TO18, Side ...

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Photodiode Arrays (16)

The highly sensitive photodiode arrays from Espros and Optek Technology can be used for optical sensors, light barriers and light curtains. With ...

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Phototransistors (62)

Phototransistors are the most commonly used type of photo sensor. For most traditional applications, NPN silicone phototransistors offer the best ...

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Photodarlington Transistors (6)

Photo Darlington transistors provide the highest sensitivity and gain. If the switching times are not critical, then the choice quickly falls on ...

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IC Photodetectors (logic output) (45)

Monolithic integrated circuit, together with a photodiode and a Schmitt trigger on a single silicon chip. The IC photodetectors (logic output) ...

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Fiber Optics (29)

We'll make it happen. Our fiber optics with a wavelength of 850nm offer the possibility of fiber optic applications with plastic fibers (PMMA), ...

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Line Imagers (2)

Espros' high performance CCD line sensors are designed to meet the need for very low optical crosstalk in encoder sensors. This is made possible ...

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Our Optical Sensors-Manufacturer

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High Reliability Capabilities
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Industrial Sensing and Control
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Optoelectronics Selection Guide
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Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.