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Development of customized LED modules and systems Professional light measurement according to CIE

Development of customized LED modules and systems
From the idea to the series

As no two people are alike, so are our customers. Every customer has his own ideas and criteria, which are particularly important to him. In order to do justice to these, it is our claim to find targeted and precisely fitting LED solutions .

Precise analysis and planning are our basis for high-quality high-quality lighting concepts. We support you in the systematic planning of your lighting project with concrete decision-making aids for efficient LED modules and systems that meet your requirements.

Our experts in the LED Competence Center ensure short development times. Only the optimal coordination of all components achieves the ideal result of your system. Through the close cooperation between you and our project team, we promise fast development of your LED module/system. In addition, we also cover special requirements, such as colour-changing concepts or sensor technology for intelligent lighting control.

Your advantage: High-quality products are optimally coordinated by us for maximum efficiency and a long service life. For light that even exceeds your expectations.

In our own light laboratory we measure the latest LEDs from the development laboratories of well-known LED manufacturers. This enables us to evaluate the progress of LED technology at an early stage, to actively participate in the development of new products and to be a pioneer in the development of LED technology. Your layouts are individually developed by our experts. You get precisely fitting LED modules and systems from one source.
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We offer high quality LED module and system development - Made in Germany. Let us tread new paths together and realize your application with highest quality, reliability and compliance with the latest standards. As an innovative and familiar company, we are prepared for the challenges of the future - especially in the lighting industry. Your satisfaction is our highest goal.

Planning and implementation of your LED module/system

From requirements analysis to series production

The path from your product idea to series production is often a complex and costly process. Therefore, every single step, as with a gear wheel, must be coordinated reliably, seamlessly and smoothly. Our proven process chain covers all steps of product development. Through adaptations and optimizations, we ensure that your product is and remains state-of-the-art according to your wishes.

1. Requirements Analysis

2. LED Selection

3. System Components

4. Layout and Concept Development

5. Sample Creation

6. Verification of Parameters

7. Production Preparation

8. Series Production

9. Subsequent Processing

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Whether complete system development or customized standard solution: we are there for you. Call us and let our experts advise you on the development of your application and our solutions today.

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