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Solutions that make all the difference.In the area of High Reliability (HiRel) we offer: Components for applications in aviation and aerospace, avionics, medical technology and military technology as well as precise measuring instruments.100 % tested and inspected(screening) according to MIL - PRF - 19500, MIL - STD - 750, MIL - STD - 883 in Group A, Group B, Group C, B - Level and S - Level and classifications such as TX, TXV, B, S and ESA.In addition to optoelectronic components such as optocouplers, fork light barriers, reflex couplers, infrared diodes, photo transistors and photo logic, we supply MOSFET(4 - pin Dual Enhancement Mode) and NPN / PNP transistors(3 - , 4 - , 6 - and 20 - pin in SMT NPN, PNP, NPN / PNP and Quad PNP).The hermetically sealed Hall effect sensors for HiRel applications are probably unique.
Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) (32)

Bipolar junction transistors (BJT) are versatile components that are often used as current or voltage controlled switches, amplifiers or ...

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Diodes and Rectifiers (2)

Diodes and rectifiers are essential in many electronic systems and are often used for surge protection or rectification. As an authorized ...

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Phototransistors (62)

Phototransistors are the most commonly used type of photo sensor. For most traditional applications, NPN silicone phototransistors offer the best ...

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Fork light barriers (Phototransistors) (321)

Optek Technology's fork light barriers, consisting of an infrared emitting diode (LED) and a phototransistor, can be used in a variety of ...

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Hall Effect Sensors (36)

Hall effect sensors for non-contact switching systems. The advantages of the sensors compared to classic reed switches are the optimum ...

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IC Photodetectors (logic output) (45)

Monolithic integrated circuit, together with a photodiode and a Schmitt trigger on a single silicon chip. The IC photodetectors (logic output) ...

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IR-LEDs (106)

Large selection of IR LEDs (infrared LEDs). Our product range is trend-setting for the infrared optoelectronics sector. We supply powerful and ...

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LEDs Wired (THT) (5)

Wired LEDs (Through Hole Technology, THT) are characterized by their wire connections, which are inserted through contact holes in the printed ...

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MOSFET-Transistors (4)

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) are the most widely used transistors for analog and digital circuits. As an ...

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Optocouplers (233)

Optocouplers of well-known manufacturers in the industry typical designs. Available receivers: Transistors (Singles, Duals, & Quads), AC Inputs ...

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Reflective Opto Switches (92)

Reflex optocouplers offer many advantages. Transmitter (IR-LED) and receiver (phototransitor) are optimally matched to each other - spectrally ...

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Hi-Rel Connectors

The main product range includes connectors for high current and signal applications. Whether D-Sub, D-Sub Combo, Advanced TCA/μ ...

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The latest news to: Hi-Rel

NEW from Positronic - Lightweight Aluminium Backshells
For all D-Sub connectors Positronic now offers new lightweight aluminium backshells! The new lightweight aluminium backshells are ideal for those...
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MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub connectors for military, aerospace and defense applications
The D-Sub is one of the most popular electronic connectors in the world, with many types of which Positronic produces a wide range. Among the mos...
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Connectors from Positronic for more efficient data centers
Digitalisation is advancing steadily and with it the need for efficient data centres. Companies that operate massive data centers are always look...
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Great Golden - freely configurable 800A high performance connector from Positronic
Positronic's Great Golden is a unique connector for two reasons. First, of all the powerful and reliable connectors in our portfolio, the Great G...
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Connectors with PosiBand are the future
Closed receptacles are very often used to improve the reliability and performance of connectors. In many cases, a grommet is simply pulled over a...
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Why connectors with milled contacts are real efficiency marvels
With industrial progress and the further development of microprocessors and other electrical components, the demand for ever smaller but at the s...
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We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.