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Positronic stands for a variety of manufacturing, quality and reliability. Founded 1966, Positronic Industries produces and distributes plug connector assemblies all over the world. Positronic offers a wide portfolio of connectors. D-sub, round- and rectangle-plug connectors and accessoires. The connectors are realized with turned precision contacts and meet the requirements of industry, defense, medicine and aviation and space flight.
Design-In Support
As an authorized distributor of Positronic we are at your disposal as a contact person for all questions concerning Positronic products. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments. Contact us. We are here for you.

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Connectors Positronic
FFC cables, mains cables, cable harnesses, connectors, flat ribbon cables, single strands and customer specific ...
LED-Modules and -Systems
Customized LED solutions. From the idea to the finished product.

Positronic News

MACH-D: High-performance D-sub connectors for use in harsh environments
Positronic, a leading global manufacturer of high-reliability electronic connectors, has announced the introduction of its MACH-D D-Sub connector...
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Hot Swap Connectors
It happens again and again that components in a system must be added, repaired or exchanged. If switching off the system is too cost-intensive, f...
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NEW from Positronic - Lightweight Aluminium Backshells
For all D-Sub connectors Positronic now offers new lightweight aluminium backshells! The new lightweight aluminium backshells are ideal for those...
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MIL-DTL-24308 D-Sub connectors for military, aerospace and defense applications
The D-Sub is one of the most popular electronic connectors in the world, with many types of which Positronic produces a wide range. Among the mos...
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Connectors from Positronic for more efficient data centers
Digitalisation is advancing steadily and with it the need for efficient data centres. Companies that operate massive data centers are always look...
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Great Golden - freely configurable 800A high performance connector from Positronic
Positronic's Great Golden is a unique connector for two reasons. First, of all the powerful and reliable connectors in our portfolio, the Great G...
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