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MACH-D: High-performance D-sub connectors for use in harsh environments

MACH-D: High-performance D-sub connectors for use in harsh environments

Positronic, a leading global manufacturer of high-reliability electronic connectors, has announced the introduction of its MACH-D D-Sub connector family for use in harsh environments. The family includes the href="https://www.neumueller.com/en/artikel/mcbx-serie">MCBX, MCD and MCDD

connector series.

MIL-DTL-24308 compliant D-subminiature connectors are gaining popularity in harsh environments, such as aerospace, defense electronics, medical equipment and others. Designed for use in next-generation harsh environments, the MACH-D family of products is the latest addition to Positronic's industry-leading D-Sub connector product line. All MACH-D products feature machined aluminum or stainless steel housings for ultimate durability, precision, flatness and electromagnetic compatibility.

These machined housings are the key differentiator between MACH-D products and their M24308 cousins, which are only available with stamped housings. Despite this difference in housing design, MACH-D connectors are fully compatible with standard M24308 D-subs and in many cases exceed the minimum requirements specified in MIL-DTL-24308. In addition, MACH-Ds are comparable in performance to Glenair's Series 28 HiPer-D® connectors and are mechanically compatible.

MACH-D products are available in standard and high-density signal contact arrangements, as well as hybrid versions that combine power and signal in a single connector housing. Unique accessory options include coded socket screws, backside silicone grommets, interface seals, EMI grounding strips, and 360-degree banding, useful when space constraints preclude the use of a full-size backshell. Custom options are available upon request.

Published: 3/9/2022

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