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OPI1268T: High Speed High Voltage Optocoupler with Isolation Group I

OPI1268T: High Speed High Voltage Optocoupler with Isolation Group I

Optek Technology introduces the OPI1268T high speed, high voltage optocoupler with 16KVDC input to output isolation.

UL recognized device File No. E58730, UL 1557.

The OPI1268T has a unique tracking resistance of ≥ 600V. Tracking resistance (also referred to as Comparative Tracking Index or CTI) refers to the ability of an insulation material to resist the formation of conductive paths (tracking) that can result from the effects of moisture, dust and other contaminants on the surface of the material.

CTI describes at what voltage the material exhibits a certain tracking resistance in a defined test. In the case of the OPI1268T optocoupler with insulation group I: 600 ≤ CTI means that the optocoupler's insulation material has a tracking resistance of at least 600 volts in a CTI test.

Tracking resistance is an important factor when selecting materials for the manufacture of electronic components such as optocouplers. A material with a higher tracking resistance is more resistant to contamination, providing greater reliability and longer component life.

Used to isolate electrical "spikes" of different but interconnected circuitry, these high-voltage optocouplers are specifically designed to protect against direct contact with electrical voltages.

Signals in power electronics can be transmitted quickly and safely with the OPI1268T high voltage coupler. UL certified. Specially designed for harsh and explosion-proof environments.

With a data transmission rate of 2Mbps and a typical signal propagation delay (tPHL-tPLH) of ≤ 50 ns, a large transmission speed is available to the designer. The circuit is temperature, current and voltage compensated and is best suited for DC and AC isolation between input and output. The output provides a TTL compatible signal. Even "hard" applications are possible due to the specified operating temperature range of -40°C to +100°C.

Immunity to transient overvoltages [dv/dt] is specified at 30 kV/µs. With an overall length of 28mm, an outstanding air/creepage distance of 24mm is achieved.

OPI1268T: High Speed High Voltage Optocoupler with Isolation Group I

Published: 3/9/2023

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