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Tiny Open Frame TOF camera: ESPROS TOFcam-611

Tiny Open Frame TOF camera: ESPROS TOFcam-611

Are you a system integrator? Is your business industrial control, logistics, warehouse automation, mobile and stationary robotics? And are you tired of getting slow frame rates from your SPAD sensor? And even worse, your sensor goes blind in strong ambient light? Take a closer look at the open frame TOF camera "TOFcam-611" from Espros Photonics: a miniaturized and cost-effective 3D TOF camera.

It is based on the time-of-flight technology developed by ESPROS, which is based on the epc611 TOF chip with 64 pixels. A tiny IR LED illuminates the scene and consumes very little power. Thanks to the high performance of the imager chip with its unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. The result is distance images at a rate of up to 80 images per second under full sunlight of ≥100kLux. This enables a variety of new applications where typical SPAD sensors fail or their performance is insufficient.

This tiny module is very easy to use as it provides fully calibrated 3D images. All complex technical and time-consuming design tasks regarding optics, lighting and signal processing are already solved.

Customized versions are available on request.

Tiny Open Frame TOF camera: ESPROS TOFcam-611

Published: 4/12/2024

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