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Small silicone lenses for UV-C applications

Small silicone lenses for UV-C applications

With the VIOLETTA from LEDil, there is now a single silicone lens that can be used with all available UV-C single LEDs from Seoul Viosys. The new VIOLETTA single lenses expand LEDiL's portfolio of high-efficiency LED optics for professional UV-C disinfection. With the footprint of 21.65 x 21.65 mm and the overall height of 6.61 mm, which enable a variety of compact luminaire designs together with the UV-C LEDs from the Seoul Viosys portfolio. Thereby you can choose from 2 different beam patterns with ~60° (VIOLETTA W) or ~15° (VIOLETTA S).

The lenses offer an efficiency of over 80% at a wavelength of 275 nm. The soft silicone provides easy protection against water, dirt and dust ingress when using a sandwich mount between a luminaire faceplate and PCB, or mounted with an optional metal frame. Seoul Viosys Single Components Overview 275nm

Article case Po typ. (mW) IF (mA) UF typ. (V)
CUD7QF1A EMC3030 2.0 20 5.5
CUD7GF1A CA3535 3.0 30 5.6
CUD7GF1B CA3535 11.5 100 6.0
CUD8AF1D AAP6363 19 200 6.0
CUD8AF4D AAP6363 60 600 5.9

Possible applications here are mainly in small compact UV disinfectors.

Please contact us for samples and more information.

Published: 3/31/2021

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