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Digitally controllable power supplies with medical approval

Digitally controllable power supplies with medical approval

Neumüller Elektronik has expanded its portfolio for demanding medical and industrial applications with the new IMA series from Delta Electronics, the world's leading power supply provider.

The IMA series includes the IMA-S400 (400W), the IMA-S600 (600W) and the IMA-S1000 (1000W); standard with ±20% trimmable output voltages 12V, 24V, 48V each. The output voltage can be customized if required.

Thanks to the optimal design, a very high efficiency of up to 94% is achieved, which also keeps the space requirement very low. The IMA-S400 is fanless.

With its reinforced isolation of 4kVAC between input and output and an isolation of 1,500VAC between output and ground, the IMA series meets the international safety requirements for B and BF medical applications.

The optional functions include a DC input, a PMBus and active power distribution.

The devices are suitable for redundant operation with active power distribution. They also have a 5V/2A auxiliary output and a remote ON/OFF function.

The optional built-in PMBus interface allows digital control and monitoring, as well as easy integration into the system.

An additional feature is the ability to provide power at 80VAC. At this input voltage other devices drop out, but the Delta IMA keeps the system running.

Thanks to the economies of scale at Delta Electronics, the IMA series offers an excellent cost/performance ratio.