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Sunlike LED - You have never been closer to the Sun

Sunlike LED - You have never been closer to the Sun The human organism is influenced by the sunlight spectrum and its variations. Important biological functions are directed directly or indirectly by sunlight. Following this idea, the market leading Korean manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor has introduced the next milestone for high quality lighting applications.

SunLike has a light spectrum almost identical to sunlight due to the combination of special semiconductor chips and novel phosphor technology a light spectrum almost identical to sunlight. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the previously common emission peak in the blue range is omitted. Both factors are important for fulfilling the desire for health and quality of life through light.

In addition, this innovative light source can be used advantageously wherever excellent colour rendering is important. SunLike LEDs have a colour rendering index of >97, with no single value below 93. This means that LED applications can now be implemented that would previously have been unthinkable in this light quality.