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Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) is one of the world's leading LED manufacturers and, according to the latest market report, number 4 in the international LED market. SSC produces a wide range of different LED technologies and also offers special technologies such as nPola and Acrich. Acrich is a multi-junction technology that can be connected and operated directly to AC voltage without the need for additional operating devices.

With the SunLike LED series, Seoul Semiconductor has recently proven that it is rightly among the best and most innovative LED manufacturers in the world.

With more than 10,000 patents worldwide, SSC secures its technological lead. SSC is the reliable partner for LED applications in the automotive, general lighting, signal and backlighting sectors.

Design-In Support
As an authorized distributor of Seoul Semiconductor we are at your disposal as a contact person for all questions concerning Seoul Semiconductor products. We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments. Contact us. We are here for you.

Seoul Semiconductor News

Z5M4: High-power LED with WICOP technology
Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio with the Z5M4, a new high-power 3535-design LED with WICOP technology...
LED 3030C for efficient LED plant lighting
Seoul Semiconductor's LED 3030C is capable of delivering more than 3.1 µmol/J, making it perfect for LED plant lighting applications...
Z5M4 - new HighPower LED for the Z5 family
The Z5 high-power LED family from Seoul Semiconductor has been given a new, innovative member, the Z5-M4. The Z5-M4 was developed based on the proven Wicop technology of the Korean manufacturer...
3030C Wicop LED - Powerful and highly efficient
There is a new addition to the 3030 series at SSC: Since May the powerful and highly efficient (>220lm/W) 3030C with Wicop Technology Inside is available...
Y22T - The new HighPower WICOP LED from Seoul Semiconductor
The new WICOP Highpower LED Y22T from Seoul Semiconductor has been available since the beginning of May. It can be ordered in 4000K and in the near future also in 5000K with a CRI of min. 70.
Study proves positive effect of daylight LEDs
A recent study by the University of Basel on full spectrum LEDs compared to conventional LEDs shows the positive effect of daylight LEDs on visual comfort, melatonin, mood, wakefulness and sleep. The participants had better visual comfort, slept better, felt more attentive in the morning and evening and were happier overall...
Z5M3 - the latest addition to the Z5 family
The new high-power LED Z5M3 has recently become available. It can be ordered in typ. 315lm in CRI70. Soon it will also be available in CRI80. It should be emphasized that the given values were measured under real conditions (Tj =85°C, 700mA).
Acrich NanoDriver Series Wins Sapphire Award
Acrich NanoDriver Series Wins Sapphire Award Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of LED products and technologies, has been awarded the 2019 LEDs Magazine Sapphire Award in the category "ICs & Electronic Components for Solid State Lighting" for its Acrich NanoDriver series (ultra miniature LED drivers). The Sapphire Award is presented annually at Strategies in Light by LEDs Magazine, one of the leading magazines in the lighting industry...
LUX Award for Sunlike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor
London, November 16, 2018: Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, had every reason to celebrate at this year's LUX Awards 2018...
Sunlike LED - You have never been closer to the Sun
The human organism is influenced by the spectrum of sunlight and its variations. Important biological functions are directed directly or indirectly by the sunlight. Following this thought, leading Korean manufacturer Seoul Semiconductor has announced the next milestone in high-quality lighting applications ...
World's smallest 24 W DC LED driver
Seoul Semiconductor, a global leader in LED products and technologies, has developed the industry's smallest phase-cut DC LED drivers with ten times the power density of conventional LED drivers.
What is WICOP2?
Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, has established a new LED design with the WICOP2 product family. The form factor of this design, Chip Scale Package, has many advantages.
3rd Generation of High-voltage-LED-Technology
The in the LED-market well-known South-Korean LED-supplier Seoul Semiconductor has now brought the 3rd generation of Acrich-Technology to maturity phase. In addition to the well-known technically features of AC2+Generation like the feasibility of direct analog dimming, the adjustable total power up to a max of 16W per IC, the new 3rd Generation of high-voltage-technology brings even more benefits with itself like harmonized dimming-distribution by the use of a triac-dimmer.
New high-power alternative - the 3030 LED family
Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its mid/high power range with another innovative alternative. With the newly introduced LED family "3030" (STW8C2SA/STW9C2SA), both the LED chip and the package technology have been optimized with regard to thermal stability and luminous efficacy.
Seoul Semiconductor 3020 LED Family
Seoul Semiconductor, one of the world's leading LED manufacturers, introduces a new mid-power LED series. The STW8B12x/STW9B12x has a space-saving footprint and reduced package dimensions, enabling applications with concentrated light sources.

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