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Z5M4: High-power LED with WICOP technology

Z5M4: High-power LED with WICOP technology

Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio with the Z5M4, a new high-power 3535-design LED with WICOP technology. The LED package specially designed for the Z5-M4 incorporates Seoul Semiconductor's latest chip technology. This new chip technology outperforms all LEDs developed to date with the highest efficiency. The Z5M4 is capable of delivering more than 345 lm and 175 lm/W.

The Z5M4 series also presents a wide range when it comes to CRI, CCT and binding: depending on your needs, the LEDs are available with CRI 60/70/90, CCT 2700/3000K/3500K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K, and 3-steps/5-steps MacAdam Ellipse Binding.

If your requirements include extreme temperatures, long life, competitive cost and top efficiency, the Z5M4 is your new LED solution. The Z5-M4 is predestined for use in outdoor, industrial and stadium lighting.

To the Z5M4 LEDs

Main features of the Z5M4


1. High effectiveness

2. High reliability

3. High durability

Efficiency: 175 lm/W
Luminous flux: 345 lm
@Tj 85°C 700mA

Based on WICOP chip
No bonding wires
Sulfur protected
Superior thermal performance

L90 > 100,000 hours @85°C