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Always the right LED! With us you will find light emitting diodes from 280nm (UV) up to 950nm (IR) for all applications. Whether as SMD, COB, THT, OLED or as module, with us you are guaranteed to find the right LED for your lighting project. In addition to our standard products from well-known manufacturers, we also develop customer-specific LEDs according to your requirements.
Full Spectrum LEDs
We offer innovative full-spectrum LED series, whose light almost corresponds to sunlight and is perfectly matched to the biorhythm of human beings. This natural light spectrum - without blue peaks and with low UV emissions and extremely high CRI - is achieved through the combination of patented LED chip technologies and innovative technologies. The application possibilities of the full spectrum LEDs range - not least due to their excellent colour fidelity and high contrast - from HCL applications to plant lighting and medical and cosmetic applications.

✓ 2700K - 6500K    ✓ CRI 95+    ✓ CQS 95+    ✓ COB    ✓ SMD
COB-LEDs (Chip-On-Board) are highly sophisticated and very efficient high-power LEDs. The extremely flat COB LEDs are unhoused directly bonded to a highly thermally conductive aluminum circuit board or ceramic board. The very compact and flat design of the COB LEDs leads to a very high light output / cm² and the effect that the chips are perceived as a common surface and not as points of light.

2700K - 6500K    ✓ World's highest luminous efficacy    ✓ Long life with MJT
Our SMD LEDs from well-known manufacturers are characterized by very good efficiency, temperature resistance and an extremely high lifetime prognosis. Due to their compact dimensions and high luminous efficacy, the SMD LEDs can be used in many different applications.
High-Power LEDs
Our high-power LEDs with forward current from 150mA from well-known manufacturers are characterized by a very good efficiency, temperature resistance as well as an extremely high life expectancy prognosis. Due to the compact dimensions and high luminous efficacy, the High Power LEDs can be used in many different applications.
Mid-Power LEDs
Our midpower LEDs with forward current between 60mA and 150mA from well-known manufacturers are characterized by their very high efficiency. The extremely good thermal stability and the very high life expectancy prognosis should also be emphasized. And all this with color rendering values (CRI) of >80 as well as >90! These characteristics make midpower LEDs highly interesting alternatives for a wide range of lighting applications.
Low-Power LEDs
High-quality low-power LEDs with a maximum forward current of 60mA from renowned manufacturers. The low-power LEDs are available in 3mm, 5mm and high-flux and in the color temperatures from 2700K to 10000K and in the wavelength ranges 460nm to 635nm.
Acrich LEDs
Think small with Acrich on the whole. Acrich LED modules are high voltage LED solutions that can be directly powered by AC power. AC mains voltage of 50 / 60Hz and operating voltage of 6V to 230V are supported. The elimination of AC / DC converters, advanced LED drivers and patented multi-junction technology (MJT) make Acrich LEDs smaller, more efficient and less expensive than conventional DC LEDs.

✓ Space-saving   ✓ Very efficient   ✓ Lower costs
LEDs Wired (THT)
Wired LEDs (Through Hole Technology, THT) are characterized by their wire connections, which are inserted through contact holes in the printed circuit board during assembly and then soldered to it. Wired light-emitting diodes also have a built-in optical system. Whether white, red, green, blue, standard or for HiRel applications, we have the right THT LED for you.

The latest news to: LEDs

Z5M4: High-power LED with WICOP technology
Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio with the Z5M4, a new high-power 3535-design LED with WICOP technology...
LED 3030C for efficient LED plant lighting
Seoul Semiconductor's LED 3030C is capable of delivering more than 3.1 µmol/J, making it perfect for LED plant lighting applications...
Z5M4 - new HighPower LED for the Z5 family
The Z5 high-power LED family from Seoul Semiconductor has been given a new, innovative member, the Z5-M4. The Z5-M4 was developed based on the proven Wicop technology of the Korean manufacturer...
UV-C LED technology for disinfection and sterilization of bacteria and viruses
As Seoul Viosys announced in its press release, Seoul Viosys sees increased demand for its UV-C LED technology for sterilization applications to prevent the spread of corona virus...
Horticulture LED-Technology
Professional and targeted Horticulture LED lighting systems are becoming more and more relevant when it comes to current trends such as urban gardening, vertical farming or indoor farming. As an authorized distributor for high quality LED components from renowned manufacturers, we not only offer you a broad portfolio of high-performance Horticulture LEDs..
Surface disinfection made easy with UV-C LED module from Seoul Viosys
UV-C light makes germs harmless. Up to now, disinfection has been carried out with mercury lamps, which generate UV rays. But the mercury is an extremely health-damaging heavy metal and can load the environment. Parallel to this are the UV-C wavelengths in a mercury tube, which can be used to kill germs only 20-25% of the total emitted wavelength spectrum...

Design-In Support

We are happy to advise you with our many years of experience in the selection of suitable components and possible adjustments.