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MART Modular Announces 96 GB Gen Z Memory Module (ZMM)

MART Modular Announces 96 GB Gen Z Memory Module (ZMM) SMART Modular Technologies, a leading supplier of memory modules and systems, has introduced the Gen-Z Memory Module (ZMM). SMART's new ZMM meets the SSF-8201 form factor specification and supports the Gen-Z connection standard.

SMART's ZMM uses a new scalable connection protocol for high bandwidth and low latency. The Gen-Z protocol is designed to work with Big DATA, e.g. for real-time analysis etc. and works with data rates up to 40 GB/s and less than 400 ns "load to use" memory at a capacity of 96 GB DRAM.

For more information on SMART's ZMM, please refer to the following: https://www.smartm.com/gen-z

If you have any questions about the ZMM, please contact us!

Published: 11/13/2018

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