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LED driver contactless programming - uPowerTek and NFC make it possible

LED driver contactless programming - uPowerTek and NFC make it possible

Various LED power supplies from uPowerTek enable contactless programming via NFC (Near Field Communication). The advantages are a user-friendly software with which various values such as time function, constant luminous flux control, dimming mode or/and an external NTC can be programmed in the luminaire. The software is free of charge and is available either via PC or app on the smartphone.

Thanks to its simplicity, contactless programming makes work easier and saves time. A 230V power supply at the programming tool or at the LED power supply is not required! Easy handling in three steps: Unpack the LED power supply, individually adjust the values in the software and transmit them via NFC. Since communication is bidirectional, it is not only possible to overwrite the values, but also to read them out.

You have questions about our LED power supply? As an authorized distributor, we maintain a very close exchange with our manufacturers and are happy to advise you on the selection of suitable components and possible adaptations with our many years of experience. Talk to us!

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