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3rd Generation of High-voltage-LED-Technology

3rd Generation of High-voltage-LED-Technology  The in the LED-market well-known South-Korean LED-supplier Seoul Semiconductor has now brought the 3rd generation of Acrich-Technology to maturity phase. In addition to the well-known technically features of AC2+Generation like the feasibility of direct analog dimming, the adjustable total power up to a max of 16W per IC, the new 3rd Generation of high-voltage-technology brings even more benefits with itself like harmonized dimming-distribution by the use of a triac-dimmer. Furthermore the revised IC offers an analog voltage, in order to supply e.g. additional control-elements like motion sensors etc. without applying an additional supply voltage. Above all the over temperature protection has been improved and the integrated control unit ensures a power-line-compensation which upgrades articulately the efficiency of the LED circuit.