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Prominent visit to Neumüller headquarters

Prominent visit to Neumüller headquarters

Weisendorf, July 27, 2021, Stefan Müller, member of the Bundestag and parliamentary managing director of the CSU state group inquired himself yesterday at the high-tech distributor Neumüller Elektronik in Weisendorf on site about the latest development in the field of cyber security.

In particular, the topic of RANSOMWARE was the focus here, which now affects 75% of German companies. Currently, 7 out of 10 companies in Germany are taking damage totaling 100 billion euros (Source: Bitkom study). It is predicted that worldwide 10 trillion euros of damage may be caused by ransomware by the end of 2025 (Source: Flexxon). More and more companies are being targeted by hackers here and are suffering significant economic damage.

The Neumüller company has a new product in its portfolio with the manufacturer Flexxon which is intended to prevent exactly this at the hardware level.

X-PHY is a patented "m.2 module" at NAND flash level that uses an advanced AI coprocessor quantum engine in the highest industry standard against ransomware in real time defends attacks and protects sensitive data and can even delete if necessary, so that attackers can not get to the data. Even the opening of a laptop is detected as well as reported here and countermeasures are taken depending on previously configured settings.

It is an extraordinary young and exciting technology that Stefan Müller presented here.

You are welcome to contact Neumüller Elektronik directly for more information about the X-PHY technology.

www.x-phy.de | Tel: 09135-73666-52

Published: 7/27/2021

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