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APD Series NFC Programmable D4i LED Drivers from uPowerTek

APD Series NFC Programmable D4i LED Drivers from uPowerTek

uPowerTek launches their new APD series, with 40W to 200W NFC programmable D4i LED drivers. The new APD series products in plastic housing are on the latest D4i standard including ENEC certification.

In addition to the D4i dimming interface, uPowerTek's new APD series also comes with a 1-10V dimming interface. The integrated overvoltage protection of 10kV also makes the LED power supplies perfect for outdoor applications, such as street lighting. The new generation can also boast a service life of 100,000 hours. For the supply of additional sensor technology, the LED driver is equipped with a 24V 3W auxiliary voltage output.

The drivers of the APD series are available in the following variants:

Model Output current range Output power Dimming interface
APD-040-C070-ARE 450-700mA 40W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-040-C070-ERE 450-700mA 40W 0-10V
APD-040-C105-ARE 700-1050mA 40W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-040-C105-ERE 700-1050mA 40W 0-10V
APD-075-C070-ARE 450-700mA 75W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-075-C070-ERE 450-700mA 75W 0-10V
APD-075-C105-ARE 650-1050mA 75W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-075-C105-ERE 650-1050mA 75W 0-10V
APD-110-C070-ARE 500-700mA 110W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-110-C070-ERE 500-700mA 110W 0-10V
APD-110-C105-ARE 650-1050mA 110W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-110-C105-ERE 650-1050mA 110W 0-10V
APD-165-C105-ARE 630-1050mA 165W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-165-C105-ERE 630-1050mA 165W 0-10V
APD-200-C140-ARE 900-1400mA 200W DALI 2/D4i/0-10V
APD-200-C140-ERE 900-1400mA 200W 0-10V