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Reliable power supplies - even in harsh operating environments

Reliable power supplies - even in harsh operating environments

Neumüller presents the new PJH series from Delta Electronis with 300W (fan) / 24W (convection) output power. Special attention was paid to the design of these power supplies for a very reliable operation, even under adverse environmental conditions. The power supplies fulfil the OVCIII - overvoltage category III - requirements and can be used at ambient temperatures from -25°C to +70°C (cold start even at -40°C).

The approvals according to IEC-60335, IEC 61558 as well as the new IEC 62368 allow a very wide range of applications in the fields of industry, gastronomy, household appliances, building automation as well as vending and service machines.

The power supplies come in a compact design in open-board form factor: 3 x 5" with remote ON/OFF and remote sense inputs as well as 12Vsb (optional 5Vsb) output for supplying peripherals such as fans and the like. The two currently available AC/DC converters PJH-24V300WBCA and PJH-36V300WBCA deliver 24V or 36V output voltage with up to 94% efficiency.

Published: 10/29/2019

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