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Showroom for UV-LED applications from Seoul Viosys

Showroom for UV-LED applications from Seoul Viosys

With the new showroom of Seoul Visosys/Violeds, Violeds offers a perfect overview of the application possibilities in devices of daily use.

In the showroom, different rooms of everyday life are illustrated, e.g. living room, kitchen, utility room and much more. The visuals and their detailed breakdown of functions show the highly efficient application of UV LEDs in everyday appliances.

The individual benefits of UV LEDs in appliances are visualized and well represented with animation. This allows one to understand the process of application and gain insight for use in appliances.

An example would be the washing machine, where bacteria or similar can form after prolonged use. There, the drum or similarly contaminated parts can be disinfected using UV-LED technology. This is done without any additionally added cleaning agents.

The showroom is a good place to become aware of the possible applications of UV-LED technology and to acquire knowledge in a playful way.