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OPB9000: Miniature reflex sensor with programmable sensitivity

OPB9000: Miniature reflex sensor with programmable sensitivity

OPB9000 Photologic®V - Robust Reflective Object Sensor with high ambient light immunityOPTEK Technologies Inc. sets new standards in sensor technology with the new Photologic®V. The Reflective Optical Sensor OPB9000 provides the most reliable edge and presence detection of reflective objects. The special feature of the OPB9000 is its high ambient immunity, which provides versatile applications in industrial and medical applications. Whether it's paper recognition, industrial printing, factory automation, laboratory and medical equipment, or object recognition and security applications, OPTEK's Photologic®V is the perfect product when reliability and precision are paramount.

The world novelty OPB9000, available from the optoelectronics specialist Neumüller Elektronik GmbH, is a reflective CMOS logic output sensor with programmable sensitivity and output polarity. With an ambient light immunity of 25k + Lux and a working temperature range of -40 ° C to + 85 ° C, the sensor is ideally suited for use in harsh environments. The self-calibration feature saves valuable time and effort. The temperature compensation and automatic gain controls allow you to work reliably and accurately in demanding environmental conditions where consistent performance is required. With a response time of 6μs, the OPB9000 is extremely fast, enabling the detection of time-critical applications.

Furthermore, the compact design of the Photologic®V saves space and costs. By combining an IR emitter with integrated logic sensor on a minimal design of 4mm x 2.2mm x 1.5mm in the SMD housing, potentially up to 80% free capacity can be created on the board. Oliver Kafka, authorized signatory at Neumüller and Line Manager at Optek for more than 20 years, emphasizes the new features of this sensor, because for the first time it is possible to develop a terminal through the own programming of the important parameters, where usual production spreads by the programming in advance can be bypassed.Convince yourself and let our sensor experts advise you.

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Published: 2/15/2017

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