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New high-power alternative - the 3030 LED family

New high-power alternative - the 3030 LED family Seoul Semiconductor has added another innovative alternative to its mid-high power range. With the newly introduced LED family "3030" (STW8C2SA, STW9C2SA), both the LED chip and the package technology have been optimized with regard to thermal stability and luminous efficacy.

This new LED family, marketed by Neumüller Elektronik, can be used extremely economically in both midpower and highpower applications. This allows significant cost reductions to be achieved, taking the values for the lumen-per-euro factor to a completely new level. With a colour rendering index of at least 80 or 90, this LED can be used profitably in a wide variety of applications such as indoor and outdoor lighting, living room lighting and general lighting.

Dimensions:3.0 x 3.0 x 0.65 mm
Colour temp.:2,600 - 7,000 K
Luminous flux72 lm
Beam angle:120°
If:100 mA
Vf:6.3 V